A Class-Book of Old Testament History

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This is classic book by scholar, educator, theologian and preacher George Frederick Maclear, headmaster of King's College School, London, and later warden of St. Augustine's Missionary College, Canterbury. Each short chapter is a nugget of events and persons of the Old Testament, giving a very accessible overview of history from the Earliest Times to those of Ezra and Nehemiah. (Summary by Larry Wilson) (16 hr 19 min)


The Creation 6:56 Read by Larry Wilson
The Fall 11:45 Read by KevinS
The Flood 13:02 Read by KevinS
The Confusion of Tongues 10:57 Read by Lee Stapleton
Rise of Idolatry. The Patriarch Job. 10:51 Read by Alton Kane
The Call of Abraham 17:08 Read by KevinS
Life of Abraham continued 19:24 Read by KevinS
The History of Isaac 9:18 Read by DavyDave
Life of Jacob 13:52 Read by DavyDave
History of Joseph 16:22 Read by Alton Kane
Jacob’s Descent into Egypt, and Death of Joseph 15:25 Read by Cliff Stone
Note: Survey of the Patriarchal Age 10:00 Read by Owlivia
The Birth and Call of Moses 18:35 Read by Cliff Stone
Signs and Wonders in Egypt 16:01 Read by Cliff Stone
The Last Plague—The Passover—The Exodus 12:23 Read by Tom Haire
The Journey from the Red Sea to Rephidim 10:47 Read by Cliff Stone
Sinai and the Giving of the Law 15:19 Read by Lee Stapleton
Moses in the Mount. The Construction of the Golden Calf 16:41 Read by Lee Stapleton
The Tabernacle 15:24 Read by Owlivia
History of the Tabernacle 3:19 Read by Owlivia
The Priests 15:26 Read by Cliff Stone
The Sacrifices and Offerings 18:18 Read by Cliff Stone
Holy Times and Seasons 12:56 Read by Owlivia
The Great Festivals—The Jewish Calendar 12:50 Read by Jael
Note: Laws of Purity, etc, 10:34 Read by Jael
Civil and Moral Laws 16:21 Read by Jael
Kadesh-Barnea and the Mission of the Spies 15:58 Read by Jael
The Wanderings—Death of Miriam and Aaron 15:12 Read by DavyDave
Conquest of the East of Jordan—Balaam and Balak 15:59 Read by DavyDave
War with the Midianites—Death of Moses 9:50 Read by Jael
Note: His Work and Character 3:40 Read by Jael
The Passage of the Jordan, and Fall of Jericho 15:57 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Conquest of the Southern and Central Mountains 13:41 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Battle of Merom, and Division of the Land 22:34 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Events subsequent to the Death of Joshua 7:26 Read by Jael
Micah and the Danites—The Tribal War 11:47 Read by Jael
Othniel and Ehud, Deborah and Barak 13:48 Read by Jael
Invasion of the Midianites—Gideon 15:05 Read by Jael
Abimelech and Jephthah 10:26 Read by Jael
Invasion from the Southwest, Samson 13:05 Read by Jael
Eli and Samuel 10:24 Read by Jael
Samuel’s Judgeship 18:40 Read by Lee Stapleton
Election of the First King 12:22 Read by Cliff Stone
The Battle of Michmash 11:10 Read by Cliff Stone
Saul and the Amalekites—David and Goliath 15:14 Read by Cliff Stone
David’s Life as an Outlaw 16:42 Read by todmanning
David at Ziklag—Battle of Mount Gilboa 26:39 Read by Lee Stapleton
David’s Reign at Hebron 8:40 Read by Owlivia
David’s Reign at Jerusalem 10:33 Read by Owlivia
David’s Army, his Conquests, his Sin 11:10 Read by Owlivia
The Rebellion of Absalom 17:53 Read by laurencetrask
Close of David’s reign 13:05 Read by laurencetrask
David’s Work and Character 6:53 Read by laurencetrask
Accession of Solomon 7:43 Read by laurencetrask
The Building of the Temple 10:14 Read by laurencetrask
Solomon’s reign continued 14:53 Read by laurencetrask
The Revolt of the Ten Tribes 11:01 Read by Cliff Stone
Rehoboam and Abijah, Jeroboam and Nadab 7:21 Read by Cliff Stone
Asa and Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri 9:13 Read by Cliff Stone
Accession of Ahab—Era of Elijah 13:56 Read by Mason Lewis
Wars of Ahab and Benhadad 7:39 Read by Mason Lewis
Murder of Naboth—Battle of Ramoth Gilead 8:23 Read by Cliff Stone
Wars of Jehoshaphat. Translation of Elijah 10:02 Read by Cliff Stone
Jehoshaphat and Jehoram—Era of Elisha 16:42 Read by Cliff Stone
Elisha and Naaman—Siege of Samaria 12:44 Read by Cliff Stone
Accession of Jehu 12:37 Read by Cliff Stone
Athaliah and Joash; Death of Elisha 8:54 Read by Cliff Stone
Amaziah and Jeroboam II.; Era of Jonah 10:01 Read by Cliff Stone
Decline and Captivity of the Kingdom of Israel 8:41 Read by Cliff Stone
Reign of Hezekiah 12:56 Read by Cliff Stone
Reign of Manasseh—Reforms of Josiah 11:18 Read by Cliff Stone
Death of Josiah—Captivity of Judah 10:07 Read by Cliff Stone
Duration, Relation, Contrasts of the Two Kingdoms 3:47 Read by KevinS
Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar 11:28 Read by Owlivia
Reigns of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Darius 13:52 Read by Cliff Stone
Rebuilding of the Temple—Esther and Ahasuerus 13:52 Read by Cliff Stone
Times of Ezra and Nehemiah—Close of Canon 18:24 Read by Larry Wilson


It was an enjoyable experience listening to this book. Thank you

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Great read of a great book. Thanks

(5 stars)