The Hoofs of Pegasus

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Maria Letitia Stockett was a highly respected English teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, but also well-known as an author. In addition to her poetry she wrote Baltimore: A Not Too Serious History in 1928, and America, First, Fast & Furious . This is a collection of her short lyrical poems of nature, sentient and spirit. - Summary by Larry Wilson (0 hr 47 min)


Pegasus 1:25 Read by Alan Mapstone
In October 0:54 Read by Kessie
Sleep 1:36 Read by Phil Schempf
Free 1:09 Read by Kessie
Our Lady of Understanding 1:37 Read by Larry Wilson
At Eventide 0:57 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Sacrament 1:16 Read by Larry Wilson
Truth In a Well 0:48 Read by mleigh
Silence 0:43 Read by Karen V.
Jewels 1:25 Read by Simona Rusu
The Pool 1:06 Read by Phil Schempf
Larkspur 0:50 Read by Louise Poulsom
Sounds 1:09 Read by ambsweet13
To Salari’s Madonna 0:49 Read by Simona Rusu
The Bathers 1:10 Read by ambsweet13
At the Symphony 1:12 Read by Alan Mapstone
Wedding Song 1:06 Read by Stefan Von Blon
February 1:01 Read by Andrew Gaunce
To the Four Archangels 1:10 Read by Kessie
A Prisoner 2:20 Read by Kessie
Afterward 0:39 Read by Karen V.
The Ascent of Ishtar 2:00 Read by Alan Mapstone
Discovery 0:49 Read by Phil Schempf
Pomegranates 1:26 Read by Simona Rusu
To Botticelli’s Venus 1:36 Read by Alan Mapstone
Hagar 1:13 Read by Mawusi
The Piper 1:01 Read by mleigh
The Judas Tree 0:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Waiting 0:51 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Last Furrow 1:31 Read by Mawusi
Horse Chestnuts 0:41 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Unknown Soldier 1:28 Read by mleigh
The Fallow Fields 0:57 Read by Rowan Puttergill
The Patteran 1:10 Read by Rowan Puttergill
To a Musician 1:31 Read by Phil Schempf
Tempo 0:59 Read by Andrew Gaunce
To Scriabine: L’Extase 0:59 Read by Alan Mapstone
Adam Asleep 1:32 Read by Mawusi
An Old House 0:44 Read by Karen V.
Moonrise 1:00 Read by Larry Wilson
Caged 1:03 Read by ambsweet13