The Black Panther

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John Hall Wheelock is an American poet who during his student years at Harvard University was editor-in-chief of The Harvard Monthly, and began to publish his first poems. He later worked for publisher Charles Sribner and Sons finally becoming senior editor. He received many awards for his poetry including the Golden Rose in 1936 for the most distinguished contribution to American poetry of that year. The poems in The Black Panther reveal a deep spirituality but also a strong humanistic reach, sometimes dark and sometimes celebratory and full of joy. The collection begins with the powerful title poem and consists of three sections: Dim Wisdoms, Space and Solitude, The Lost Traveller’s Dream, and The Divine Fantasy. - Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 23 min)


The Black Panther 0:55 Read by Alyssa Kate
Night Has Its Fear 4:17 Read by Larry Wilson
The Sorrowful Masquerade 1:19 Read by fshort
October Moonlight 1:26 Read by fshort
The Flesh And The Dream 0:32 Read by Larry Wilson
Vaudeville 1:27 Read by April6090
1914 0:30 Read by Larry Wilson
The Beloved 1:50 Read by ConnorE53
Proud Doom 0:45 Read by gcarlson
The Secret One 2:58 Read by gcarlson
The Undissuadable Austerity 0:32 Read by Larry Wilson
Blind Players 1:05 Read by HelenaDiamandiz
Travail 1:06 Read by HelenaDiamandiz
The Poet Tells Of His Love 1:47 Read by Larry Wilson
The Buried Dream 1:09 Read by mleigh
Haunted Earth 1:26 Read by Rahma Mariam
Long Ago 1:06 Read by ConnorE53
Tchaikovsky: Fifth Symphony 1:09 Read by davidg42
Mirror 1:12 Read by Rahma Mariam
Plaint 1:04 Read by Gavin Poulsom
Andante 2:51 Read by JackpotSeven
The Dear Mystery 0:58 Read by davidg42
In The Dark City 1:18 Read by Paul Harvey
Immensity 0:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Sea-Horizons 4:12 Read by ambsweet13
Of Day Came Night 1:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Pilgrim 0:52 Read by mleigh
By The Gray Sea 1:25 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Fish-Hawk 2:26 Read by davidg42
Disdainful Beauty 1:02 Read by MeelahMagnificent
My Lonely One 2:03 Read by Larry Wilson
Wild Thought 0:37 Read by Larry Wilson
Journey’s End 0:51 Read by Paul Harvey
Belated Love 1:09 Read by MeelahMagnificent
A Leave-Taking 8:55 Read by ambsweet13
But Love -- 1:07 Read by fshort
Anne 1:04 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Silence 0:50 Read by Paul Harvey
Exultation 1:56 Read by BinduveGG1
Song Of Songs 0:58 Read by Traceyann
Sorrowful Freedom 1:03 Read by Larry Wilson
Starless Morning 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
Phantom 0:49 Read by BinduveGG1
Legend 1:37 Read by BinduveGG1
The Divine Fantasy 13:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Lion-House 1:05 Read by davidg42