Plain Mary Smith: A Romance of Red Saunders

Read by Tom Penn

(4.1 stars; 20 reviews)

More than anything, the young Red Saunders wanted to be a good boy. And he was a good boy, except for his quick temper and quicker fists. By the time he was 16 he knew he had to leave home, leave town, leave the life he knew. And that’s when life became really interesting, really challenging, and really worth living. - Summary by Tom Penn (6 hr 3 min)


But Wasn't it a Gorgeous Smash! 23:12 Read by Tom Penn
The Village Pride 16:57 Read by Tom Penn
Sandy Gray 10:04 Read by Tom Penn
The Fight 22:30 Read by Tom Penn
On my Bureau was a Knife 10:03 Read by Tom Penn
I'm Mary Smith 29:39 Read by Tom Penn
Save me, Arthur! 22:53 Read by Tom Penn
Archie out of Aspinwall 31:08 Read by Tom Penn
Enter Brother Belknap 27:56 Read by Tom Penn
Your Life, if You Hurt Him! 23:10 Read by Tom Penn
Saxton's Story 24:21 Read by Tom Penn
Bill Meets a Relative 24:11 Read by Tom Penn
Red Makes a Few Remarks 25:28 Read by Tom Penn
Brother Belknap's Revolution 25:30 Read by Tom Penn
Tomatoes by the Quart 22:43 Read by Tom Penn
Red Plays Trumps 23:28 Read by Tom Penn



(5 stars)

Totally enjoyable. Good reader, perfect for this text. This book was like listening to my father and uncles sit on the porch telling of their adventures and misadventures growing up. Thank you

(3 stars)

Rough and tumble frontier boy has to leave home early to escape from his father’s brutal discipline. He grows into a big, tough man with a tender heart.

amazing reader/actor and a good book. great combo!

(5 stars)

what a great story mDe even better by ?Mr Penn.te stars

(5 stars)

Western style with hidden (and not so hidden) gems of humor! well read too...