The Golden Milestone

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Frank Boreham was a well known preacher who served in England, Australia, and New Zealand. He published dozens of books and thousands of editorials during his lifetime, with no sign of slowing down, even up until his death at age 88. He wrote with a distinctive style, seeming to be able to draw a spiritual lesson out of any conceivable topic.

In this volume, the author has "tried to point out a few of the things that make [the world] so loveable. If something I have said," he writes, "makes somebody somewhere more glad to be alive, I shall be inclined to forgive this truant pen of mine its inordinate garrulity." - Summary by Devorah Allen (6 hr 47 min)


By Way of Introduction 1:44 Read by Devorah Allen
Pt 1, Ch 1: Sleepy Hollow 15:31 Read by mleigh
Pt 1, Ch 2: A Faggot of Thunderbolts 17:38 Read by April6090
Pt 1, Ch 3: The First Swallow 15:36 Read by Heather Davis
Pt 1, Ch 4: Spring Cleaning 18:59 Read by drandall
Pt 1, Ch 5: The Little Palace Beautiful 22:06 Read by mleigh
Pt 1, Ch 6: On Good-Looking People 13:12 Read by Devorah Allen
Pt 1, Ch 7: A Nest of Singing Birds 15:56 Read by FrigidBones
Pt 1, Ch 8: The Aeroplane 12:27 Read by Paul Brian Stewart
Pt 1, Ch 9: Roses 11:49 Read by drandall
Pt 2, Ch 1: Wedge Bay 16:41 Read by April6090
Pt 2, Ch 2: The Modesty of the Bush 21:24 Read by SmilingJade
Pt 2, Ch 3: The Reflections in the River 22:17 Read by Craig Abbott
Pt 2, Ch 4: The Call of the Deep 15:08 Read by April6090
Pt 2, Ch 5: My Lost Faith 18:12 Read by Owlivia
Pt 2, Ch 6: The Angel of the Kitchen 15:25 Read by April6090
Pt 2, Ch 7: A Philosophy of Pickles 14:25 Read by April6090
Pt 3, Ch 1: The Wings of the Morning 19:42 Read by Dorcas Oliver
Pt 3, Ch 2: The Bloodhound of the Hedgerow 18:55 Read by Craig Abbott
Pt 3, Ch 3: The Golden Milestone 18:38 Read by drandall
Pt 3, Ch 4: Our Trysting-Places 15:44 Read by drandall
Pt 3, Ch 5: The Glory on the Doorstep 20:09 Read by drandall
Pt 3, Ch 6: Violets and Vipers 19:50 Read by mleigh
Pt 3, Ch 7: Tiffs 14:26 Read by Owlivia
Pt 3, Ch 8: The Branded Brow 11:41 Read by Devorah Allen