Anthology of Massachusetts Poets

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Poet and editor of many anthologies, William Stanley Braithwaite, gathers a collection of poems from well known and lesser known poets from Massachusetts, including many from women. The poems range from lytic poems of nature to those of more reflective and spiritual themes. (Summary by Larry Wilson) (2 hr 51 min)


Home Bound by, Joseph Auslander 1:07 Read by Larry Wilson
America The Beautiful, by Katherine Lee Bates 1:36 Read by Larry Wilson
Yellow Clover, by Katherine Lee Bates 3:59 Read by Phil Schempf
The Returning, by Sylvester Baxter 1:02 Read by NoelVox
Two Moods From The Hill, by Ernest Benshimol 2:55 Read by Phil Schempf
A Banquet, by Ernest Benshimol 1:25 Read by ambsweet13
Song, by George Cabot Lodge 1:39 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Worlds, by Martha Gilbert Dickinson Bianchi 1:56 Read by Paul Harvey
The Riot, by Gamaliel Bradford 0:59 Read by I. C. Go
Hunger, by Gamaliel Bradford 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
Exit God, by Gamaliel Bradford 1:18 Read by Phil Schempf
Rousseau, by Gamaliel Bradford 0:41 Read by ambsweet13
John Masefield, by Amy Bridgman 6:00 Read by amcalister
1620-1920, by Le Baron Russel Briggs 6:43 Read by amcalister
The Cross-Current, by Abbie Farwell Brown 2:39 Read by Rebecca Stern
Candlemas, by Alice Brown 1:07 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
Sunrise On Mansfield Mountain, by Alice Brown 4:01 Read by Gini Rosario
Burnt Are The Petals Of Life, by Elsie Pumpelly Cabot 0:57 Read by ambsweet13
Four Fountains. After Respighi, by Jessica Carr 0:59 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
In The Trolley Car, by Ruth Baldwin Chenery 1:32 Read by Paul Harvey
In Irish Rain, by Martha Haskell Clark 1:49 Read by April6090
Cretonne Tropics, by Grace Hazard Conkling 1:51 Read by Bruce Kachuk
To Hilda Of Her Roses, by Grace Hazard Conkling 1:17 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Dandelion, by Hilda Conkling 0:43 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Red Rooster, by Hilda Conkling 0:58 Read by I. C. Go
Velvets, by Hilda Conkling 1:10 Read by I. C. Go
The Moods, by Fanny Stearns Davis 1:48 Read by Paul Harvey
Hill-Fantasy, by Fanny Stearns Davis 6:17 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Mirage, by Nathan Haskell Dole 0:54 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Road Beyond The Town, by Michael Earls, S.J. 1:37 Read by Larry Wilson
The Lilac, by Walter Prichard Eaton 1:21 Read by I. C. Go
God, Through His Offspring Nature, Gave Me Love, by Charles Gibson 1:24 Read by Bruce Kachuk
To Music, by Maude Gordon-Roby 1:18 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Voice In The Song, by Mary Gertrude Hamilton 1:51 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Hymns And Anthems Sung At Wellesley College, by Caroline Hazard 4:38 Read by Larry Wilson
Reuben Roy, by Harold Crawford Stearns 2:04 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Country Road, by Marie Louise Hersey 0:52 Read by ambsweet13
Wreaths, by Carolyn Hillman 1:12 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Memphis, by Gordon Malherbe Hillman 2:07 Read by NoelVox
Saint Columbkille, by E.J.V. Huiginn 2:20 Read by Jayhawk1900
Miss Doane, by Winifred Virginia Jackson 1:34 Read by mleigh
Fallen Fences, by Winifred Virginia Jackson 3:33 Read by Gini Rosario
Cross-Currents, by Winifred Virginia Jackson 0:54 Read by I. C. Go
The Farewell, by Winifred Virginia Jackson 0:35 Read by I. C. Go
Song, by Oliver Jenkins 1:23 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Love Autumnal, by Oliver Jenkins 1:01 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Echoes, by Ruth Lambert Jones 1:19 Read by April6090
War Pictures, by Ruth Lambert Jones 1:16 Read by C. Roxanne Maxwell
An Old Song, by Arthur Ketchum 1:00 Read by FrigidBones
Roadside Rest, by Arthur Ketchum 0:59 Read by I. C. Go
Old Lizette On Sleep, by Agnes Lee 1:44 Read by April6090
Motherhood, by Agnes Lee 2:02 Read by Jayhawk1900
Essex George, by Cabot Lodge 2:44 Read by Larry Wilson
The Song of the Wave, by George Cabot Lodge 2:39 Read by FrigidBones
Frimaire, by Amy Lowell 1:25 Read by Nicholas Adduci
Patterns, by Amy Lowell 5:31 Read by Nicholas Adduci
A Bather, by Amy Lowell 2:42 Read by Nicholas Adduci
Leprechauns and Cluricauns, by Dennis A. Mccarthy 2:11 Read by Nicholas Adduci
L'envoi Dorothea, by Lawrence Mann 1:39 Read by Nicholas Adduci
To Imagination, by Dorothea Lawrence Mann 3:15 Read by Nicholas Adduci
Dragon, by Jeanette Marks 1:09 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Green Golden Door, by Jeanette Marks 1:00 Read by FrigidBones
Sleepy Hollow, Concord, by John Clair Minot 1:15 Read by ambsweet13
The Sword Of Arthur, by John Clair Minot 2:52 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Divine Forest by, Charles R. Murphy 2:58 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Magic, by Edward J. O'brien 3:12 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Michael Pat, by Edward J. O'brien 1:55 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Song, by Edward J. O'brien 0:54 Read by ambsweet13
In Memoriam: Francis Ledwidge, by Norreys Jephson O'connor 1:30 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Evensong, by Norreys Jephson O'connor 1:15 Read by ambsweet13
The Prophet, by Josephine Preston Peabody 3:13 Read by mleigh
Harvest-Moon: 1914, by Josephine Preston Peabody 2:25 Read by Rebecca Stern
Horseman Springing From The Dark: A Dream, by Lilla Cabot Perry 1:01 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Three Quatrains, by Lilla Cabot Perry 1:29 Read by C. Roxanne Maxwell
A Valentine Unsent, by Margaret Perry 1:00 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Shipbuilders, by Arthur Stanwood Pier 2:09 Read by Rebecca Stern
Unfading Pictures, by Louella C. Poole 2:50 Read by April6090
With Waves And Wings, by Charlotte Porter 1:57 Read by Leo Behe
Blueberries, by Frank Prentice Rand 1:29 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Nocturne, by William Roscoie Thayer 0:57 Read by ambsweet13
Envoi, by William Roscoe Thayer 0:48 Read by Stefan Von Blon
There Where the Sea, by Marie Tudor 2:39 Read by April6090
Marriage, by Marie Tudor 0:53 Read by Jayhawk1900
Pity, by Harold Vinal 1:04 Read by April6090
A Rose To The Living, by Nixon Waterman 0:44 Read by I. C. Go
The Storm, by G.O. Warren 0:49 Read by I. C. Go
Where They Sleep, by G.O. Warren 1:04 Read by I. C. Go
Beauty, by G.O. Warren 1:10 Read by ambsweet13
Comrades, by George Edward Woodberry 3:17 Read by Joana Nadra
The Flight, by George Edward Woodberry 1:55 Read by Larry Wilson