Lord of a Thousand Suns

Read by Paul Harvey

(4.3 stars; 46 reviews)

A Man without a World, this 1,000,000-year-old Daryesh! Once Lord of a Thousand Suns, now condemned to rove the spaceways in alien form, searching for love, for life, for the great lost Vwyrdda. A great Poul Anderson story. - Summary by Poul Anderson (1 hr 28 min)


Anything Man Has Ever Imagined 10:03 Read by Paul Harvey
A Moon Hanging Low 16:08 Read by Paul Harvey
Suspicion and Puzzlement 19:51 Read by Paul Harvey
I Can't Understand You 18:48 Read by Paul Harvey
A Night of Stars and Distance 13:09 Read by Paul Harvey
So Cruelly Simple 10:55 Read by Paul Harvey


(5 stars)

Five stars for a delightful short story. Masterfully read, with captivating action, surprising ending, and pleasant thought-provoking reflection. This story put a smile on my face after I finished listening to it.

Lord of the Thousand Suns

(5 stars)

Paul Harvey. Great voice and enthusiasm. The story isn't that bad too. Thanks.