The Rover Vol. 01 No. 04

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"The Rover: A weekly magazine of tales, poetry and engravings, original and selected" was a magazine started in 1843 by Seba Smith and Lawrence Labree. The editors aimed at a high quality standard in their selection of short stories and poetry. Every half-year, the 26 weekly issues were also published under a bound compilation. This is the fourth issue, containing 7 stories and a poem. - Summary by Sonia (2 hr 39 min)


A Piece of a Hundred Sous 22:28 Read by Hanna Ponomarenko
The Student of Esslingen 27:58 Read by Jim Locke
The Soul Cages, by Crofton Croker 33:09 Read by Kate Follis
The Stroller's Tale 14:01 Read by Jim Locke
Count Julian and his Family, by Washington Irving 23:15 Read by Katrina Dixon
Chess Play, by Louisa H. Medina 17:19 Read by Simona Lovin
Zoe, a Tale of the Youth of Julius Caesar 17:51 Read by Jim Locke
The Maid of Malahide 3:14 Read by Alan Mapstone