Scholasticism: A Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford

Read by Barry Ganong

(4.8 stars; 6 reviews)

Walter Waddington Shirley was made Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford in 1863. This short work comprises the text of a lecture he gave at Oxford University in January, 1866. In it, he describes the historical setting in which scholasticism flourished and then summarizes its features. - Summary by Barry Ganong (0 hr 44 min)


Scholasticism: Part 1 21:02 Read by Barry Ganong
Scholasticism: Part 2 23:25 Read by Barry Ganong


(5 stars)

Well read, the text is nice but a little bit lacking in context: it supposes familiarity with medieval society and phylosophy

good lecture well read

(5 stars)

Not very informative if you know about the topic but it is a good lecture