The Rover Vol. 01 No. 05

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"The Rover: A weekly magazine of tales, poetry and engravings, original and selected" was a magazine started in 1843 by Seba Smith and Lawrence Labree. The editors aimed at a high quality standard in their selection of short stories and poetry. Every half-year, the 26 weekly issues were also published under a bound compilation. This is the fifth issue, with another interesting mix of poetry and prose texts. - Summary by Sonia (2 hr 44 min)


Mirabel the Beauty, by Jonas B. Philips, Esq. 16:21 Read by Sonia
Transplanted Flowers 1:40 Read by Tasha C Mapes
The Curate-Confessor of Viroflay, a Real Ghost Story, by Colley Grattan 24:46 Read by Jim Locke
The Wine Cellar 17:11 Read by Mike Manolakes
The Indian Wife 20:39 Read by Jim Locke
A Tale of Venice, by C. Mac Farlane 37:11 Read by Jim Locke
Spring 1:17 Read by Tasha C Mapes
Lacy de Vere 40:40 Read by eveningwarmth
To Elizabeth 2:46 Read by Jim Locke
The Widow's Mite, by Robert Montgomery 2:14 Read by Jim Locke