Nineteen Eighty-Four (1953 - NBC)

(4.4 stars; 78 reviews)

The 1953 Theatre Guild on the Air  adaptation of George Orwell's novel. Winston Smith ... Richard Widmark Julia ... Marian Seldes O'Brien ... Alan Hewitt Broadcast on NBC April 26, 1953

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Nineteen Eighty-Four 51:57


(4.5 stars)

Sounds like what 2021 USA could be like.

(5 stars)

Felt like I was watching a movie… very easy to follow and relate to in today’s society. It also shows some underlying quality of humans in society and how heavy a task it is to challenge the status quo.

(3 stars)

This is a very cut down adaptation, and the sounds quality is consistent with the time of the recording of 1953, i.e. not good by today's standards.

(2.5 stars)

wish it was the actual reading off the book not a play

glad that i found this one

(5 stars)


(1 stars)

This audiobook sounds like it was recorded in 1953 with an iPhone next to transistor radio. I understand this is an original but let’s keep the originals for the radio history collectors and share a noice reduced version for online listeners. This was really difficult to listen to.

(5 stars)

Amazing well done history in many countries. Pray for USA Guidance. Thankful LIBRIVOX

(5 stars)

How they hope to do this, UN Agenda 2030