Saint Bonaventure

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St. Bonaventure (1221 -1274), born Giovanni di Fidanza, was an Italian medieval Franciscan, scholastic theologian and philosopher. The seventh Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, he was also Cardinal Bishop of Albano. He was canonised on 14 April 1482 by Pope Sixtus IV and declared a Doctor of the Church in the year 1588 by Pope Sixtus V. He is known as the "Seraphic Doctor" (Adapted from Wikipedia) (3 hr 28 min)


Foreword 3:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Childhood and Youth 9:49 Read by Shauna Campbell
Sanctity and Learning 14:09 Read by Shauna Campbell
The Mendicant Orders Assailed 11:28 Read by John
The Mendicants Vindicated 12:33 Read by John
Minister-General 12:27 Read by David E. MacDonald
Discipline and Observance 12:58 Read by Larry Wilson
Incidents of Administration 17:18 Read by Christine Rottger
St. Francis' Biographer 14:14 Read by John
Interior Spirit 12:39 Read by Larry Wilson
Love of God 12:21 Read by Larry Wilson
The Archbishopric of York 12:09 Read by Joanne Turner
Miscellaneous Anecdotes of the Saint 17:49 Read by Joanne Turner
The Cardinalate 13:04 Read by Joanne Turner
Death 17:06 Read by Joanne Turner
Canonization 14:58 Read by Joanne Turner