The Shadow Radio Show Recreations **Updated 1-27-2021**

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These are recreations of episodes of the old time radio show The Shadow.  *Upadate 1-27-2021^ The Ghost Walks Again (Recreation 3-05-1948) The Little Man Who Wasn't There (Recreation 2011 The Chatterbox Audio Theater) *Update 10-30-2020*  1954-08-29 - The Blackball Murder (OCP Recreation 10-06-2020)  1954-09-05 - Heartbeat of Death (OCP Recreation 9-29-2020)  1954-09-19 - The Nightmare Combination (OCP Recreation 10-29-2020)  1954-08-08 - The Case of the Vanishing Killer (OCP Recreation 10-14-2020)  1954-04-25 - Horror In the Night (OCP Recreation 9-15-2020)  1954-06-06 - Vision of Death (OCP Recreation 10-20-2020)  1954-07-04 - Death by Chapter (OCP Recreation 9-22-2020) *Update 9-12-2020* 1937-10-03 - The Red Macaw (OCP Recreation 8-11-2020) The Ghost Walks Again (OCP Recreation 8-25-2020 The Silent Avenger (OCP Recreation 7-28-2020) 1954-04-11 - Struggle with Death (OCP Recreation 09-01-2020) 1954-07-25 - The Case of the Dead Man's Shoes (OCP Recreation 9-08 2020) 1954-10-17 - The Hands of Death (OCP Recreation 8-04-2020) 1954-11-07 - The Long Arm of Death (OCP Recreation 7-21-2020) Update 7-9-2020 Added 4 recreations by The Ouray County Players check out their page on The Wright Opera House web site. Episodes added 1945-04-15 - The Case of the River of Eternal Woe, 1951-04-01 - The Golden Deceiver, 1950-11-12 - Career in Crime & The Blind Beggar Dies. Also added 1 by The Shadow Recreation Series 1937-11-07 - Death Rides the Skyway Update 6-12-2020 2 new episodes added from The Shadow Recreation Series The Face of Death original broadcast date 2-11-1945 & Career in Crime original broadcast date 11-12-1950. If you know where I can find other recreations of lost or existing episodes please let me know in the comments.

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Thank You For Your Work

(5 stars)

As a listener of The Shadow, I want to thank you for your work on compiling these recreations. While their quality may very, they are all welcome additions for any recreation is better than a lost episode. :)