That Affair Next Door

Read by Dawn Larsen

(4.5 stars; 547 reviews)

The dead body of a woman was found under a large cabinet. But she had been dead four hours before the cabinet fell upon her. The owners of the house had been on vacation and the place empty. Who was she and why was she in the empty house all alone? Summary by Dawn L. (11 hr 9 min)


A Discovery 35:11 Read by Dawn Larsen
Amelia Discovers Herself 27:11 Read by Dawn Larsen
This is No One I Know 22:00 Read by Dawn Larsen
Mr Gryce Discovers Miss Amelia 39:10 Read by Dawn Larsen
Developments 35:36 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Order Clerk 42:42 Read by Dawn Larsen
Howard Van Burnam 45:00 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Reluctant Witness 23:07 Read by Dawn Larsen
Butterworth Versus Gryce 29:00 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Decided Step Forward 34:35 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Shrewd Conjecture 36:10 Read by Dawn Larsen
Ruth Oliver 44:43 Read by Dawn Larsen
Where are the Rings! 18:27 Read by Dawn Larsen
Found! 12:07 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Girl in Gray 38:57 Read by Dawn Larsen
Some Fine Work 46:10 Read by Dawn Larsen
Known, Known, All Known 23:34 Read by Dawn Larsen
A Ruse 15:00 Read by Dawn Larsen
Two Weeks 18:56 Read by Dawn Larsen
The Watchful Eye 18:47 Read by Dawn Larsen
Secret History - 1 28:02 Read by Dawn Larsen
Secret History - 2 34:39 Read by Dawn Larsen


That Affair Next Door

(5 stars)

I keep thinking as I read AKG's novels that I will eventually catch on to her formula and be able to guess the true culprit soon after the start. Silly me.... Another great story with twist and turns that double back on themselves so thoroughly and make for a superb read at a sometimes breakneck pace. This book was also beautifully read and the author made it a joy to listen to.

Free Audio Review

(5 stars)

I seem to be on a run of detective novels at the moment! In this one we have a real gem. An older lady notices some odd happenings next door during the night and feels drawn to investigate and finds herself investigating a murder. It's a typical lead-in to a detective novel and follows many of the usual tropes, however dont let that make you think it's dull. The lead character is a delightful old world lady who wouldn't say boo to a goose and has to collect all of her bravery to simply address police inspectors let alone ensnaring murderers. This makes the character appealing and when the book is being read by a voice that seems to match the first person perspective of the character it really brings the book to life. The combination of reader and text here is really good. Read more of my reviews at

Great story

(5 stars)

I have listened to this story 2x, and it has lots of neat twists and turns in it to keep you guessing. Mrs. Butterworth (not the syrup) lives next door to an affluent family. One night while they are away, a woman is murdered in that house. First one, then the other son stands accused, but Mrs. B decides to take a hand in the puzzle since she saw a few things that makes her think the police are on the wrong track. So who is the woman that was murdered, why was she murdered, and what does the mysterious Ms. Oliver have to do with it? It will have you listening intently. The quality of the recordings is excellent, and the reader is likewise excellent. Enjoy!

Affair next door

(5 stars)

Very good murder mystery and one of my favorite AKG books! This has so many twists and turns that I have listened to parts of it twice so as to be sure of the facts laid before us. Very well read by Dawn Larsen one of LibriVox's elite narrators.

More, please!

(5 stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed the plot w/ its multiple twists and turns. Like others by this author, it keeps you guessing. Good narration, too.

More fun than Agatha Christie

(5 stars)

I just love Miss Butterworth! So much tongue-in-cheek humor is employed by AKG (starting with the very first line: "I am not an inquisitive woman, but...") while making it clear that Amelia Butterworth takes herself seriously indeed. Terrific story with an impossible to solve mystery. The reader is good, but some of the subtle humor and personality depictions are lost in her somewhat bland style. Still very much worth a listen.

This is a pretty good mystery novel.

(4.5 stars)

Although a bit too long-winded at times, this is actually a pretty good mystery novel. The mystery itself is delightfully convoluted and complex and I dare anyone to unravel it and guess the murderer before he or she is revealed near the end! Yes, it is that cleverly conceived and written a mystery!! This Librivox volunteer reader is good too.

very good tale very well read

(5 stars)

I enjoyed it a great deal . Dawn Larson has done a great job of the reading . Some allowances must be made for the language of the era but the story is very well put together and I will be looking for other titles by the same writer and others read by dawn . Thank you both