Stonehenge, a Temple Restor'd to the British Druids

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Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England never fails to amaze and fascinate; and has been the subject of speculation, research and investigation for centuries. This is an early look at this enigmatic location. As the author says in the preface: "A few years ago I spent some time every summer in viewing, measuring, and considering the works of the ancient Druids in our Island; I mean those remarkable circles of Stones which we find all over the kingdom, many of which I have seen, but of many more I have had accounts. Their greatness and number astonish’d me, nor need I be afraid to say, their beauty and design, as well as antiquity, drew my particular attention. I could not help carrying my inquiries about them as far as I was able. My studies this way have produc’d a vast quantity of drawings and writing, which consider’d as an intire work, may thus be intitled, Patriarchal Christianity: OR, A Chronological HISTORY OF THE Origin and Progress of true Religion, and of Idolatry." - Summary by Lynne Thompson/William Stukeley (5 hr 4 min)


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