The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow

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(3.6 stars; 17 reviews)

The location is the English Lake District and the characters very ordinary people. Mrs. Blencarrow is a widow with five children and control of her late husband's small estate. She is eminently respectable and is involved with the usual round of tea and dinner parties as expected in a quiet town. She is unremarkable, apart from her disdain for scandal, or even gossip of any kind. Imagine the surprise when a stranger describes her as "a woman with a history"? That can only mean a disreputable past or even a scandal, but as she has lived in the community for 18 years, without a hint, what could it possibly be? (2 hr 38 min)


The Blencarrow Household 17:45 Read by Vineymala
'Is It You?' 14:09 Read by Nancy Gorgen
An Elopement 15:25 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Discovery 16:33 Read by Nancy Gorgen
'Are We Quite Alone?' 14:14 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Is It True?' 18:55 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Night of Misery 15:56 Read by Christine Rottger
Mrs. Blencarrow's Confession 17:21 Read by Tim Quinn
'I Am her Husband' 15:11 Read by TheAwesome1568
'He Has Gone -- Forever!' 13:13 Read by Brent T. Nasworthy


the real mystery never explained

(3 stars)

It feels like half the story is missing! How did Mrs B end up in this quandary?


(4 stars)

Interesting story of one event with a glimpse into the life of a different time, values .