When the World Shook

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(3.6 stars; 21 reviews)

A fictional memoir of Humphrey Arbuthnot of Devonshire, we are taken on a voyage to the island of Orofena, in the South Seas, together with Bickley, the servant Bastin and the spaniel Tommy. It is a land of adventure and danger, the result of which eventually leads to the author's death. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (12 hr 37 min)


Arbuthnot Describes Himself 28:25 Read by ToddHW
Bastin and Bickley 21:28 Read by Jarrod Wetzel-Brown
Natalie 20:19 Read by Jarrod Wetzel-Brown
Death and Departure 22:01 Read by Jarrod Wetzel-Brown
The Cyclone 28:36 Read by Tim Quinn
Land 23:11 Read by mythdom
The Orofenans 26:40 Read by Daniel Holbrow
Bastin Attempts the Martyr’s Crown 30:45 Read by Alan Lord
The Island in the Lake 28:44 Read by Oneofone56
The Dwellers in the Tomb 26:20 Read by Adam Thompson
Resurrection 28:52 Read by Adam Thompson
Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Years! 31:00 Read by Adam Thompson
Oro Speaks and Bastin Argues 25:30 Read by Adam Thompson
The Under-world 26:51 Read by sophiatbow
Oro in His House 19:40 Read by czandra
Visions of the Past 30:38 Read by Darrell Nobles
Yva Explains 35:21 Read by TheIntern356
The Accident 38:02 Read by Francesco F
The Proposals of Bastin and Bickley 26:06 Read by czandra
Oro and Arbuthnot Travel by Night 37:50 Read by TR Love
Love’s Eternal Altar 25:49 Read by TR Love
The Command 27:53 Read by Elroi
In the Temple of Fate 37:57 Read by Elroi
The Chariot of the Pit 37:07 Read by fshort
Sacrifice 27:25 Read by Howard Skyman
Tommy 27:43 Read by TR Love
Bastin Discovers a Resemblance 13:49 Read by Howard Skyman
NOTE By J. R. Bickley, M.R.C.S. 3:38 Read by Jade Leah Pilling


(5 stars)

The storyline is classic H. R. Haggard, however without some of the usual typecasting of dueling female characters who simultaneously vie for the affections of the leading masculine character. As in other of Haggard’s works, an allusion to an afterlife that promises fulfillment of unrequited and sacrificial love interests in eternal bliss, affords a happy ending to the most difficult final circumstances and separations- :)

Not As Expected

(2 stars)

The dynamic between the three main characters was very enjoyable. It was once they had been on the island awhile that Haggard's love of the supernatural came in HEAVILY, which I can only stand a little of... The previous dynamic of the three characters remained, but that was all I appreciated for the remaining nine hours of the book. I had been expecting something more like 'Montezuma's Daughter' from the description. All the readers did very well, though. 12-23-23

Don't waste your time. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings..

(1 stars)