In the Wilderness

Read by Zach Hoyt

(3 stars; 3 reviews)

These eight essays about Charles Dudley Warner’s visit to the Adirondacks cover a broad range of topics, all with more or less of his dry humor. They include spoofs of the popular Adirondack ‘sportsman’ stories being published at the time, a plea for hunting regulations told from the viewpoint of a deer, the biography of a local guide and character, and reflections on humanity’s effect on the wilderness and vice versa. Much has changed in the Adirondacks since the 1870s, but getting lost in the woods is still pretty much the same now as it seems to have been then. (Summary by Zach Hoyt) (2 hr 53 min)


How I Killed A Bear 14:23 Read by Zach Hoyt
Lost In The Woods 17:49 Read by Zach Hoyt
A Fight With A Trout 12:39 Read by Zach Hoyt
A-Hunting Of The Deer 26:02 Read by Zach Hoyt
A Character Study 38:55 Read by Zach Hoyt
Camping Out 21:14 Read by Zach Hoyt
A Wilderness Romance 17:24 Read by Zach Hoyt
What Some People Call Pleasure 25:27 Read by Zach Hoyt