Coptic Homilies in the Dialect of Upper Egypt

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The present work contains the Coptic versions of ten Greek Homilies on fasting, repentance, the end of the world, the Incarnation, etc., which are attributed to John the Faster, Athanasius of Alexandria, Proclus of Cyzicus, Eusebius and Basil of Caesarea, and Archbishop Theophilus. The texts, written in the dialect of Upper Egypt.

Linguistically the texts are of great importance, and they form a mass of material which is of the highest value to Egyptologists generally. From the theological point of view they are no less interesting, for they illustrate Egyptian Theology in its Christian form, and reveal the opinions which were current among the dwellers in monasteries on the essentials of faith and works. (Summary from the preface) (4 hr 44 min)