OTR Family Night

OTR Family Night Ten shows programmed to set and forget for about six hours continuous entertainment.  The first three hours (say six to nine PM) of sci-fi, adventure, comedy, and music are aimed at the kids and adults who like light programming; the subsequent three hours are given over to more mature fare of  horror, wry humor, and mystery.  All files have had background noise reduced and volume adjusted.  The Benny program was a challenge, originally recorded on separate disks then strung together on tape; Night Beat was plagued with squelches, each one painstakingly removed. Planet Man Double-Feature: An Ancient Spaceship & Searching For Asteroid  Tarzan Double-Feature: Tarzan's First Birthday & Battle With The Apes Jack Benny, February 11, 1933: Miniature Women Grand Ole Opry, June 16, 1956: featuring Patsy Cline Lux Theater, October 28, 1940: Strike Up The Band , starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland Night Beat, July 17, 1952: A Taste of Peaches The Creaking Door: 14 - Inn Spectre Fred Allen Show, January 22, 1933: The Court of Judge Allen Adventures of the Abbotts, January 30, 1955: The Rickshaw-Red Lipstick CBS Radio Mystery Theater, January 8, 1982: The Last Orbit

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.