Sears Radio Theatre - OTR

Sears Radio Theater was a radio drama anthology series which ran weeknightly on CBS Radio in 1979, sponsored by the Sears chain. Often paired with The CBS Radio Mystery Theater during its first season, the program offered a different genre of drama for each day's broadcast.  In 1980, the program moved to the Mutual Broadcasting System and became the Mutual Radio Theater. The Mutual series broadcast repeats from the CBS run until September 1980, when a short season of new dramas was presented. Sears continued as a sponsor during the Mutual run.  Monday was "Western Night" and was hosted by Lorne Greene. Tuesday was "Comedy Night", hosted by Andy Griffith. Wednesday was "Mystery Night" with Vincent Price as host. Thursday was "Love And Hate Night" with Cicely Tyson doing honors as host. Finally, Friday brought "Adventure Night", first hosted by Richard Widmark and later by Howard Duff and then by Leonard Nimoy.  Actors heard on the series included Parley Baer, Mary Jane Croft, Howard Culver, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg, Janet Waldo, Vic Perrin, Hans Conried, Marvin Miller, Elliot Lewis, Jeff Corey, Lesley Woods, Robert Rockwell, Lurene Tuttle, Eve Arden, Keith Andes, Harriet Nelson, Alan Young, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Lloyd Bochner, Rick Jason, Frank Campanella, Toni Tennille, Arthur Hill, Dan O'Herlihy, Jesse White and Frank Nelson.  It was produced and directed by Fletcher Markle and Elliott Lewis. The theme was composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle.  Though less long-lived than NPR's Earplay or the Mystery Theater, it was an ambitious attempt to reinvigorate a neglected field. Like Earplay, it was broadcast in stereo.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Retribution 42:25
And Baby Makes Four 43:07
Hostages 35:52
Hildy 36:38
The Choosing 50:55
Leavin' Cheyenne 47:24
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot 47:46
The Thirteenth Governess 58:05
This Home Is Dissolved 51:15
Climb 47:29
The Final Fall 50:08
The Troublemaker 47:02
The Ouija Spells Murder 44:38
I Want Him Dead 50:51
Then There Were None 41:29
The Afro-Westerner 49:39
The Care and Feeding of a Sex Symbol 50:54
Wanda 47:07
The Long Night 55:36
The McGuffey Connection 1:01:06
The Lady and the Outlaw 50:54
Oh, Brothers! 51:10
Carmilla 46:51
No Greater Dream 51:25
The Tough Guy 50:18
Powder River Policy 56:09
Where Guardian Angels Fear to Tread 48:32
Going Home 54:25
Sometime Every Summertime 49:40
The Wrath of Zeus 50:25
The Female of the Species 50:28
Getting Drafted 50:00
Mushrooms, Darling 48:18
An Honest Man 59:27
The Mercenaries 49:34
Ace-in-the-hole 52:59
The Terrible Dream of Mr Glitch 47:39
Cajun Death 38:55
First Star Tonight 50:49
Flight of the Starbird 51:31
Conspiracy at the Golden Gate 39:44
As You Wish 39:40
Improvisation 38:52
A Matter of Priorities 39:07
A Short History of Bac Ha 49:42
Out in Colorado 49:57
Fontaine Harris, Le Baron de Paree 38:29
The Ham That Cried Wolf 51:04
My Hero 39:34
The Curse of Princess Chiestry 49:55
The Duke of Nevers 50:18
Hizzoner Hamlet 50:50
The Old Boy 48:17
The Season of Glad Songs 50:07
Bruja 56:19
Abilene 39:22
Here's Morgan 38:20
The Sabbatical 38:16
Baby, Baby 47:08
The Odyssey of the Vigilant 47:13
Henry 'Box' Brown 50:02
Guess Who's Coming to California 38:30
Miniatures 46:39
The Other Grandmother 48:09
Anne Bonny's Gold 48:50
The Lovers 48:41
Here's Morgan Again 39:55
The Assassin 51:12
Over Night Guest 48:27
Milwaukee Deep 50:24
Bull Story 49:20
A Very Nice Couple 39:46
The Nightmare 50:45
Mister Chan 39:39
Country of Fear 47:58
The Legend 50:14
Here's Morgan Once More 48:36
A Test of Love 48:44
Muncy's Mob 48:56
The Lone Voyager 50:18
Neither Snow nor Rain 50:26
The Strange Affliction 51:09
A Leading Case 48:43
The Great March 39:43
McGuffey's Hong Kong Connection 47:57
A Poor Orphan Girl 47:46
Quartette in Nothing Flat 55:54
A Whisper In My Ear 39:49
A Sense of Pride 39:19
White Out 50:21
Cottonwood 49:04
Last Resort 51:17
The Perfect Hostess 39:19
A Piece of Flesh 49:16
The American Family Robinson 42:32
Incident at Red Butte 49:03
Advancement of Vern Berwick 40:57
Anniversary 40:16
Who's Who 48:48
A Brief Case of Trouble 50:40
Old Bones 50:58
A Weekend Pass 49:44
A Game of Cat and Mouse 39:57
The Hamster Caper of Curtis Cleever 50:43
Shah-nama 40:30
Panther 51:21
Here Comes the Bride -- Again! 51:19
Melissa 52:18
Billy D Burton 50:37
Vienna Three and Four 40:19
Katie MacBeth 42:38
Jack and the Energy Crunch 40:52
Girl on the Billboard 38:32
Spring Cleaning 35:43
Two Faces of Evil 40:27
Punishment and Crime 37:05
The Crown Jewels of Grandomir 40:50
The Joke Is on Guess Who 40:58
Survival 40:49
The Visit 40:35
Uncle Zora Comes to the Pig Festival 1:21:00
Fontaine Harris in Hollywood 40:19
The Ransom 40:14
Reunion 40:21
The Value of a Hunch 41:06
Trooper Lopez 40:41
Baldie 40:12
Voodoo Lady 40:41
Writer's Block 40:21