Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 007

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A collection of fifteen short nonfiction works in the public domain. The essays, speeches, news items and reports included in this collection were independently selected by the readers, and the topics encompass history, politics, philosophy, science and religion. (summary by J. M. Smallheer)

Danger Signals and A Midsummer's Night Trip were coauthored by Jaspar Ewing Brady (5 hr 24 min)


The Anarchist 11:02 Read by Ray Clare
Bible Reading 12:50 Read by Brent Paschall
Danger Signals, Chapters 3-5 30:22 Read by Ray Clare
The Encomium on Helen 12:57 Read by Kenny Bellew
The Factory Girl's Danger 18:54 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Farewell Address 38:02 Read by Todd Cutler
A Few Sanitary Suggestions; January 18, 1962 6:58 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Francis of Assisi 15:54 Read by Ray Clare
History of Steam on the Erie Canal, Section 1 14:35 Read by Ray Clare
Laughter 5:14 Read by Chloey Winters
Lincoln's Last Hours 47:04 Read by John Lieder
A Midsummer's Night Trip 25:42 Read by Ray Clare
Never Again 28:06 Read by Kalynda
The Philosophy of Bird's Nests 34:40 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Schoolboy Blunders 22:14 Read by Ray Clare