A History of the Comstock Silver Lode and Mines

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This is a brief account of the Comstock Lode silver mines, and description of the geographic features of the state of Nevada including the railroads. Silver not only defined Nevada, but influenced the opening of the American West as far as San Francisco. Dan De Quille (pseudonym for William Wright) wrote extensively on the history of mining in the area of Nevada, and published the larger work “The Big Bonanza” assisted by Mark Twain, both of whom were part of the Sagebrush School of writers. - Summary by Larry Wilson (4 hr 49 min)


Introductory 3:26 Read by Larry Wilson
The State of Nevada - Boundaries and Areas 5:58 Read by John
Physical Aspect of the State 7:20 Read by John
The Rivers of Nevada - Humboldt River 4:39 Read by John
Truckee River 4:20 Read by Johann
Carson River 2:51 Read by Johann
Walker River, Owyhee River, Reese River 3:05 Read by Larry Wilson
Other Nevada Rivers 3:00 Read by Johann
Mineral Treasures of Nevada 3:50 Read by Isobel
Agricultural Resources 6:06 Read by jenno
The Comstock Mines, The Discovery of Silver 2:30 Read by Alan Mapstone
Placer Mining on Gold Canyon 8:53 Read by ToddHW
The Grand Rush over the Sierras 2:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Discoverers and Their Fate 3:05 Read by Alan Mapstone
Early Mining and Milling 4:07 Read by James R. Hedrick
Mining Difficulties and Inventions 2:18 Read by James R. Hedrick
Various Mining and Milling Appliances, The Comstock as a School for Miners 3:31 Read by James R. Hedrick
Virginia City and Surroundings 9:16 Read by jenno
City Improvements 3:38 Read by jenno
The Great Fire 5:29 Read by Ryan Fahey
Virginia City at Present 4:37 Read by Ryan Fahey
Views from the City and Vicinity, The View from the Summit of Mount Davidson 3:08 Read by Ryan Fahey
The Virginia and Truckee Railroad 3:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Days of Bull Teams 3:54 Read by John
The Virginia City and Gold Hill Water Works 4:03 Read by John
The Big Water Pipes 3:20 Read by John
Additional Great Pipes 3:41 Read by Johann
The Sutro Tunnel, The Reduction Works of Early Days 5:17 Read by jenno
The First Silver Mill, The Many Mills of the Early Days 6:29 Read by jenno
Description of the Process of Working Comstock Silver Ores 9:23 Read by ToddHW
The Two California Mills, The River and Canyon Mills 5:29 Read by jenno
The Comstock Lode - Hoisting Works, Shafts and Mining, Past and Present 2:36 Read by Tim811
The Three Lines of Hoisting Works 5:44 Read by Tim811
The Combination Shaft, The Deepest Workings on the Lode 5:39 Read by Wayne Cooke
A Return to the Second Line of Works 4:26 Read by James R. Hedrick
The Old First Bonanzas, The New Departure 4:19 Read by Tim811
Present Yield of the Comstock Mines 9:07 Read by James R. Hedrick
Vicissitudes of Fortune in Mining 4:13 Read by Wayne Cooke
Towns of Western Nevada - Virginia City, Gold Hill , Silver City 5:29 Read by Christina Fu
Dayton and Sutro 5:35 Read by James R. Hedrick
Carson City 6:30 Read by Bruce McCready
Empire City, Genoa and Reno 9:14 Read by Beau Wood
Other Towns in Washoe County 3:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Lake Tahoe and Surroundings - Surrounding Objects of Interest 11:11 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Emerald Bay through Rubicon Springs 7:35 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Routes to Lake Tahoe 5:13 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Town Of Truckee, Donner Lake and the Donner Disaster 6:04 Read by Christina Fu
Surrounding Points of Interest, Independence Lake and Webber Lake Wonders 4:23 Read by Christina Fu
Pyramid Lake 4:08 Read by Christina Fu
Winnemucca Lake and Washoe Lake 2:55 Read by Christina Fu
Thermal and Medicinal Springs, Steamboat Springs 5:45 Read by jenno
Shaw’s Springs, State Prison Warm Springs, Walley’s Springs and Other Springs 5:39 Read by jenno
Railroads in Nevada - The Central Pacific, Virginia & Truckee, Carson & Colorado 4:55 Read by Alan Mapstone
Wabuska, Hawthorne, Luning, Bellville, Candelaria, Benton and Bishop Creek 4:24 Read by Paul Hampton
Independence, Keeler, Owens Lake, and Mono Lake 4:01 Read by Paul Hampton
Eureka and Palisade, Nevada Central, Battle Mountain, Austin, Nevada and Califo… 5:56 Read by Paul Hampton
Proposed Railroads - Salt Lake and Los Angeles, Nevada, Central, and Idaho 2:09 Read by Alan Mapstone
Nevada a Land of Great Possibilities 5:09 Read by Larry Wilson


A great listen

(5 stars)

This sounds as if it could have been written recently, both in language, description and accuracy. The readers did a great job of narration. A nice listen.