The Rover Vol. 01 No. 11

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2.2 stars; 3 reviews)

"The Rover: A weekly magazine of tales, poetry and engravings, original and selected" was a magazine started in 1843 by Seba Smith and Lawrence Labree. The editors aimed at a high quality standard in their selection of short stories and poetry. Every half-year, the 26 weekly issues were also published under a bound compilation. This is the eleventh issue with poetry and prose texts. - Summary by Sonia (2 hr 17 min)


The distribution of the blessed bread, by J. Augustus Shea 7:10 Read by Sonia
Caroline Howard. A story of the Revolution 26:21 Read by Jim Locke
The white witch of Soignies 29:37 Read by Jim Locke
Jacqueline 10:34 Read by Jim Locke
The hussar's saddle 16:46 Read by Sonia
The wages of sin 27:39 Read by Jim Locke
An inkling of an adventure 12:52 Read by Greg Giordano
The passing crowd 6:22 Read by Christina Fu



(3 stars)

This reviewer’s rudeness is cruel, selfish, and offered in a misguided spirit. FYI, Librivox is home to thousands of hobbyists around the world who enjoy recording books, and hundreds of volunteers who help put them together. We don’t sell our books and you don’t have to listen to them. Especially in collections of stories and essays like The Rover, listeners can just skip over the recordings they don’t like, or find some other sources to listen to.

(0.5 stars)

Mr Locke, you must be a most horrible person! No matter how many bad comments or reviews you get you continue to choose the most interesting reads and narrate them. You are selfish and cruel. I wish with all my heart that LibriVox would permanently ban you!!!!!!! Please find some other means to entertain your sadistic sole. Like pulling the wings off flies!