The Red Cross Girls in the British Trenches

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This first volume in the American Red Cross series can, of course, only begin to tell the adventures and experiences of the four American girls, who, forgetful of self, offered their services to the wounded soldiers in the war. (4 hr 58 min)


A Social Failure 15:26 Read by MaybeCordelia
Different Kinds of Courage 16:54 Read by TR Love
Farewell 20:50 Read by TR Love
Making Acquaintances 14:20 Read by TR Love
"Lady Dorian" 18:29 Read by Nan Dodge
A Trial of Fire 12:13 Read by Jennifer Wilson
The Landing 11:34 Read by Jennifer Wilson
A Meeting 14:19 Read by Jennifer Wilson
"But Yet a Woman" 13:35 Read by Gini Rosario
Behind the Firing Lines 14:42 Read by TR Love
Out of a Clear Sky 13:27 Read by TR Love
First Aid 8:41 Read by JSWS
The Summons 12:13 Read by Melinda Cumming
Colonel Dalton 11:51 Read by Melinda Cumming
Newspaper Letters 11:58 Read by Melinda Cumming
The Ambulance Corps 12:30 Read by KevinS
Dick 13:30 Read by JSWS
A Reappearance 9:43 Read by BettyB
The Test 13:02 Read by Faith
A Girl's Deed 7:58 Read by Faith
An Unexpected Situation 14:09 Read by KevinS
Recognition 17:18 Read by KevinS