Narratives of Colored Americans

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Abigail Mott was a Quaker and abolitionist from New York who, along with fellow Quaker M. S. Wood, has compiled a provocative collection of stories of “Colored Americans.” They range from well-known figures such as Phillis Wheatley and Sojourner Truth to the common men and women who give poignant insights of their life. Selections consist of short anecdotes, essays, stories, letters and poetry. Many have strong religious and spiritual themes. - Summary by Larry Wilson (8 hr 17 min)


Preface 1:36 Read by Larry Wilson
Phillis Wheatley 8:24 Read by Darrell Nobles
Deliverance of a Hottentot from a Lion 5:45 Read by Darrell Nobles
Answer to Prayer 3:07 Read by Darrell Nobles
Fallacies Respecting the Race of Ham 4:31 Read by Darrell Nobles
Old Dinah 4:30 Read by DariaAM
No-Account Johnny 4:53 Read by DariaAM
Zachary and the Boy 5:03 Read by DariaAM
Trust in Providence 2:00 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Wife 3:19 Read by ABVoice
A Hottentot's Love for Her Teachers and the Power of Prayer 2:29 Read by Ken Masters
The Living Sacrifice 4:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
Saat 6:23 Read by Loraine Flegal
The Psalm of the Slave 2:00 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Missionary Box/He Never Told a Lie 4:15 Read by Nichole Kristen
Daddy Davy 16:15 Read by Scott Leonard Fortune
An Aged Christian 2:50 Read by DariaAM
Uncle Jack 3:55 Read by ABVoice
Christian Kindness 3:54 Read by drandall
Gratitude of Slaves 3:11 Read by drandall
The Slave Shoemaker 2:51 Read by AnthonyT
Let me Ring the Bell 2:49 Read by Alan Mapstone
Flight of a Slave 8:48 Read by drandall
Benjamin Banneker 3:59 Read by drandall
Repentance and Amendment in a Colored School at Christiansburg 1:45 Read by Lee-Ann Khoh
An Incident 3:07 Read by Larry Wilson
Sojourner Truth 7:48 Read by drandall
Katy Ferguson/Poor Pompey 10:18 Read by Andrew Kennedy
Ancass 14:25 Read by Andrew Kennedy
A Storm at Sea 3:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Little Wa 10:44 Read by Darrell Nobles
The African Servant 14:20 Read by Jacqueline Burrell Walton
The Blind Slave in the Mines 5:10 Read by DariaAM
The African Servant's Prayer 1:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Anecdote 1:57 Read by mleigh
A Little Act of Kindness 2:57 Read by DariaAM
Old Susan 14:57 Read by Kevin Waters
Poor Sarah 25:25 Read by Curtis R.
The Generous Negro 5:46 Read by Mari Patterson
Captain Paul Cuffee 12:49 Read by Curtis R.
Solomon Bayley 18:59 Read by Jacqueline Burrell Walton
Clarinda 12:42 Read by Christine Rottger
Naimbanna 17:03 Read by Loraine Flegal
Zilpah Montjoy 5:42 Read by AnthonyT
Belinda Lucas 7:09 Read by AnthonyT
Gustavus Vassa 17:14 Read by AnthonyT
Billy and Jenny 8:19 Read by Loraine Flegal
George Hardy 7:02 Read by AnthonyT
Lott Carey 11:30 Read by AnthonyT
The Good Master and His Faithful Slave 4:51 Read by AnthonyT
Ezekiel Coston 3:28 Read by AnthonyT
An Anecdote/The Colored Foundling 3:36 Read by AnthonyT
The Grateful Negro/The Faithful Nurse 4:02 Read by mleigh
Coffin/James Derham 4:08 Read by mleigh
The African Prince 3:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
Uncle Harry 16:34 Read by Jacqueline Burrell Walton
Hospitable Negro Woman 7:08 Read by Mari Patterson
Gratitude in a Liberated Slave/Agnes Morris 5:06 Read by mleigh
Extraordinary Exertions to Obtain Liberty/William Bowen 4:58 Read by Ken Masters
Anthony Benezet 6:21 Read by Ken Masters
Extraordinary Munificence 4:20 Read by Ken Masters
Temptation Resisted and Honesty Rewarded 5:13 Read by Ken Masters
The Good Old Indian 5:22 Read by Alan Mapstone
Faith of a Poor Blind Woman/African Schools in New York 5:26 Read by Lee-Ann Khoh
The Injured Africans 12:49 Read by Kevin Waters
Henry Boyd 11:09 Read by Kevin Waters
Quamino Buccan 12:07 Read by Tom Merritt
Emancipation in New York/Freedmen of America 12:06 Read by Curtis R.
Letters from a Lady in Richmond, Va. 1886 3:24 Read by Lee-Ann Khoh
Love for the Bible/Hymn Sung at Christmas 3:06 Read by mleigh
Temperance Meeting in Africa 3:59 Read by Ken Masters
Liberty to the Captive 1:32 Read by Larry Wilson