Ghosts From The Past (BBC Radio horror)

(4.5 stars; 9 reviews)

A series of spooky radio plays about hauntings directed by Martin Jenkins and first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in April 1992. In FLAC (lossless) and Mp3. Black Stockings and Broken Mirrors by Bernadette Crosthwaite (4/08/1992) A tragic accident returns to haunt Christine when she befriends her new neighbor... Bemadette Crosthwaite's ghostly first play written for radio. Christine ...... Maureen O’Brien Mrs Falkener ...... Margot Boyd 'Go Way from My Window’ is sung by Melanie Hudson. The Boat Hook by Sheila Hodgson (4/15/1992) 1904: Whilst visiting Trondheim Cathedral, distinguished university academic MR James is terrified by the appearance of a model boat. Sheila Hodgson's haunting drama starring Michael Williams. MR James .… Michael Williams George Masterman .… Brett Usher Professor Anders .… David King Caroline Anders .… Siriol Jenkins Mrs Craddock .… Joanna Wake Sorenson …. Peter Tuddenham Caroline …. Siriol Jenkins Mrs Vickers …. Gudrun Ure Nielson …. Eric Allan Students …. David Learner & Neil Roberts Mortmain by John Metcalfe (4/22/1992) When disturbed Humphrey Child married his young Salome, he took his vows very seriously. Robert Glenister stars in John Metcalfe's haunting drama. John Temple …. Robert Glenister Humphrey Child …. David March Salome …. Helena Breck Florence Scrivener …. Ann Windsor Edward Scrivener …. Ronald Herdman Heather Fleming …. Gudrun Ure Andrew Fleming …. Jonathan Adams Tom Fielding …. John Church Dramatized by Rebecca Wilmshurst. A Warden for All Saints by HS Bhabra (4/29/1992) Dark forces are unleashed in this tale of revenge stalking the corridors of Oxbridge. John Rowe stars in HS Bhabra's haunting drama. Simon Evans …. John Rowe James Montague …. Benjamin Whitrow Mathew Moors …. Keith Drinkel Lang/Voice …. David Learner Waiter/Jack Ainsley …. Eric Allen Lord Medway/Doctor …. Brett Usher Leo Dart …. John Webb Dramatized by Gerry Jones.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


(4 stars)

It's a good audiobook, and one I would relisten to.