The Lost Island of Atlantis

Read by Rapunzelina

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In this paper, read before the Literary and Historical Society, Quebec, Fletcher demonstrates methodically what he perceives as evidence for the existence of the island of Atlantis. He begins by documenting the historical instances Atlantis is referred to in ancient texts, even if only as a myth (Part 1), continues on to analyze linguistic elements that might indicate an Atlantean origin (Part 2), and also presents a connection between the American and the European fossil flora and amber fauna, suggesting that Atlantis is the missing link (Part 3). At the end, he makes mention of the deep-sea soundings of the Atlantic ocean and other geological findings (Part 4). The Lost Island, a poem by Fletcher, is included as Part 5 of this audiobook. - Summary by Rapunzelina (1 hr 42 min)


Part 1 31:19 Read by Rapunzelina
Part 2 15:00 Read by Rapunzelina
Part 3 11:42 Read by Rapunzelina
Part 4 13:18 Read by Rapunzelina
The Lost Island 31:04 Read by Rapunzelina