Tales of Daring and Danger

Read by Keith Salis

(4.6 stars; 27 reviews)

G A Henty takes us on a variety of adventures in this collection:
A daring rescue on rough seas, a military action against Chinese pirates, hunting down a tiger in India, and even a calamity in a camp of gold miners in California!
With each new encounter, you'll thrill at the daring of our heroes in the face of imminent danger.
(Summary by Keith Salis ) (2 hr 57 min)


Bears and Dacoits Ch 1 19:53 Read by Keith Salis
Bears and Dacoits Ch 2 18:29 Read by Keith Salis
The Paternosters 38:33 Read by Keith Salis
A Pipe of Mystery 34:57 Read by Keith Salis
White-faced Dick 20:39 Read by Keith Salis
A Brush with the Chinese 44:39 Read by Keith Salis


Very well written, and excellently read.

(5 stars)

I'm just getting to know this author and I'm really enjoying his work. The reader did an excellent job.

(5 stars)

nice job on story choices excellent narrations knocked out of the park each and every one LIBERVOX ROCKS

good stories*great reader

(5 stars)

good book as usual from Henty good reader

A Good Listen

(4 stars)

Entertaining short stories, well narrated.