Faraday As A Discoverer

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This is the first of two related Faraday projects. It is about Faraday and deals more with biographical references to Faraday, outlining the important junctures in his life. The second, On the Various Forces of Nature, consists of lectures by Faraday covering a non-mathematical survey of the fundamental forces of nature and some relationships among them.

Future projects will feature the 19th century scientists upon whose shoulders Einstein stood while developing his Theory of Relativity, including Humboldt, Lorentz, Michelson, Morley, Curie and Eddington. Summary by William A Jones (4 hr 30 min)


01 Parentage - earliest experiments 18:09 Read by William Allan Jones
02 Early researches - Magnetic Rotations - Liquefaction Gasses 13:31 Read by William Allan Jones
03 Discovery of Magneto-electricity 26:44 Read by realisticspeakers
04 Points of Character 8:48 Read by Michele Fry
05 Identity of electricities 17:02 Read by Owlivia
06 Laws of electro-chemical decomposition 9:31 Read by KevinS
07 Origin of power in the voltaic pile 13:18 Read by William Allan Jones
08 Researches on frictional electricity - induction - theory of contiguous par… 16:35 Read by William Allan Jones
09 Rest needed, visit to Switzerland 5:43 Read by Alan Mapstone
10 Magnetism of light 15:44 Read by realisticspeakers
11 Discovery of diamagnetism - magne-crystallic action 17:19 Read by Owlivia
12 Supplementary remarks 10:54 Read by realisticspeakers
13 Magnetism of Flame and gasses - atmospheric magnetism 16:09 Read by Christina Fu
14 Speculations - nature of matter - lines of force 19:59 Read by Jeremy Clark
15 Unity and convertibiliby of natural forces - theory of electric current 19:27 Read by realisticspeakers
16 Summary 4:36 Read by Alan Mapstone
17 Illustrations of character 36:52 Read by Wayne Cooke