The Reformation Collection Volume 2

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This volume of the Reformation collection, which has a particular focus on the English Reformation, begins with William Tyndale's lively tract on the key Reformation doctrine of Justification by faith alone. Then follow two historical accounts of the reception that Reformation ideas received. Martin Luther works line by line through the popular Marian hymn Salve Regina expressing his disagreement. Christ the End of the Law is John Calvin's summary of the gospel message, written as the preface to the Geneva Bible. Calvin's Admonition against Astrology was translated into Early Modern English and has lain relatively forgotten for many years. There follow a number of documents authorised by Henry VIII and Edward VI of England showing the progress and regression of the Reformation in their reigns, including an essay against the claims of the Pope, written by Edward VI at age 12. Next come two letters relating to the English Reformation: Thomas Cromwell commenting on the reception of Tyndale's ideas by Henry VIII and Peter Martyr Vermigli writing to Heinrich Bullinger from England during the writing of the prayer book, expressing sadness that Calvin's doctrine of the sacraments had not found universal acceptance. Then come a series of short pieces by the 'Oxford Martyrs' - Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley - carrying out the business of reforming the church. John Bradford's Preface to Melanchthon's book on prayer is "of interest, in showing the feeling entertained in England, by the faithful worshippers, during the brief period between the decease of Edward VI. and the imprisonment of the godly Protestant Bishops and other Clergy." This volume of the Reformation collection ends with an eyewitness account of the final days of Martin Luther. (Summary by InTheDesert)

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A Lively Description of our Justification 26:12 Read by InTheDesert
Concering Mr. Latimer's Communication with Mr. Bainham in Dungeon of Newgate 6:32 Read by InTheDesert
Ridley’s Account of his Disputation at Oxford 8:46 Read by InTheDesert
A Confutation of the Song Called Salve Regina 22:58 Read by InTheDesert
Christ the End of the Law 34:16 Read by InTheDesert
An Admonition against Astrology 1:10:10 Read by InTheDesert
A Proclamation for Resisting and Withstanding of Most Damnable Heresies Sown Wi… 5:52 Read by InTheDesert
The Ten Articles, 1536 36:19 Read by InTheDesert
The Six Articles, 1539 33:05 Read by InTheDesert
King Edward the Sixth: His Own Arguments Against the Pope’s Supremacy 51:50 Read by InTheDesert
A Proclamation against such as Innovate any Ceremony or Preach without License,… 4:18 Read by InTheDesert
A Proclamation Inhibiting Preachers, 23rd April, 1550 6:27 Read by InTheDesert
A Proclamation for the Inhibition of all Preachers, 22nd September, 1550 3:47 Read by InTheDesert
Letter of Thomas Cromwell to Stephen Vaughan, May 1531 11:13 Read by InTheDesert
An Unpublished Letter of Peter Martyr to Heinrich Bullinger, written from Oxfor… 6:46 Read by InTheDesert
Articles to which Mr. Latimer was Required to Subscribe, March 11 1531 2:45 Read by InTheDesert
Articles Devised by the Bishops for Master Latimer to Subscribe Unto 2:18 Read by InTheDesert
Bishop Latimer's Injunctions to the Prior and Convent of St Mary's House, Worce… 3:50 Read by InTheDesert
Injunctions Given in the Visitation of the Reverend Father in God, Nicholas Bis… 4:55 Read by InTheDesert
Injunctions Given by the Bishop of Worcester in his Visitation to all Parsons, … 5:25 Read by InTheDesert
Reasons why the Lord’s Board Should rather be after the Form of a Table than of… 6:48 Read by InTheDesert
Questions put Concerning some Abuses of the Mass, with Answers 3:14 Read by InTheDesert
Answer to Certain Queries Touching the Abuses of the Mass 5:00 Read by InTheDesert
Some Questions with Answers Made to them by the Bishops of Worcester, Chicheste… 5:22 Read by InTheDesert
Articles of Inquiry at the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, 1550 7:59 Read by InTheDesert
Injunctions to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, 1550 3:33 Read by InTheDesert
A Judgement Concerning the Decretal Epistles 3:04 Read by InTheDesert
Preface to Melanchthon on Prayer, 1553 12:42 Read by InTheDesert
Verses to be Said in Giving Holy Water and Holy Bread 0:55 Read by InTheDesert
The True History of the Christian Departing of the Reverend Man Martin Luther 23:15 Read by InTheDesert


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the reading was too fast and without feeling, just words.