The Yarn of Old Harbour Town

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(4.4 stars; 7 reviews)

This novel opens in 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France. A retired sailor, Captain Acton, reminisces about his time at sea now he lives on shore and wonders about a ship seen burning at sea the previous night. But there is one more voyage for the Captain, this time taking his daughter Lucy. As all sailors know, a woman on board brings bad luck. (10 hr 31 min)


Poem 0:52 Read by Christine Rottger
Lucy Acton 31:48 Read by kadauber
Walter Lawrence 33:45 Read by SophieCS94
The Offer 36:24 Read by SophieCS94
The Aurora 34:25 Read by SophieCS94
Paul 42:36 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Letter 30:42 Read by Howard Skyman
Where Is The Minorca? 33:29 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Where is Lucy? 37:13 Read by Francesco F
Mr. Greyquill's Visit 38:28 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Eagle 36:38 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Princess Tatters 38:34 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Mr. Lawrence Reflects 35:19 Read by Cymo
Lucy's Madness 40:54 Read by Darrell Nobles
The Louisa Ann 33:58 Read by Howard Skyman
Nelson 52:49 Read by TR Love
The Capture 23:57 Read by Christine Rottger
The Capture Continued 49:09 Read by Christine Rottger


(3 stars)

the maritime descriptors were so contemporary of the time. Not too much sympathy for captain sickhead'