King Arthur and His Knights

Read by Robin Cotter

(4.5 stars; 543 reviews)

A collection of King Arthur's adventures, from his ascent to King of Britain to his death. This book includes some of the crucial Arthurian legends about Sir Lancelot, the Knights of the Round Table, Queen Guinevere, and the search for the Holy Grail. (Summary by Robin Cotter) (4 hr 19 min)


How Arthur Became King 19:00 Read by Robin Cotter
The Good Sword Excalibur 4:50 Read by Robin Cotter
The Great Feast and What Followed 13:55 Read by Robin Cotter
Arthur's Court and the Order of the Round Table 16:54 Read by Robin Cotter
King Arthur and the Princess Guinevere 8:35 Read by Robin Cotter
The Coming of Gareth 12:53 Read by Robin Cotter
The Story of Sir Gareth and Lynette 13:35 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Ivaine 21:11 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Balin 10:44 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Geraint and Enid 11:33 Read by Robin Cotter
Arthur and Sir Accalon 11:38 Read by Robin Cotter
How Arthur Fought with a Giant 7:28 Read by Robin Cotter
How Arthur Fought with Rome 10:19 Read by Robin Cotter
The Knight with the Badly Made Coat 5:28 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Lancelot and Sir Brune 15:15 Read by Robin Cotter
The Adventure of King Pellenore 6:10 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Lancelot and His Friends 12:47 Read by Robin Cotter
How Sir Lancelot Saved the Queen 12:25 Read by Robin Cotter
Sir Lancelot and Elaine 16:30 Read by Robin Cotter
The Search for the Holy Grail 17:45 Read by Robin Cotter
The Death of Arthur 10:20 Read by Robin Cotter


Very good

(5 stars)

I listened to the whole book. the narrator does a very good job at paced reading, and makes good attrmos at voicing the characters. The story itself is a lovely introduction to the Arthurian legends, though I have learned that this book does deviate a bit from original tales to make it more accessible for children. I.e. some tales have been simplified and adultery removed. Overall very good, would recommend!

(5 stars)

it is a nice simple telling of the King Arthur story. they removed most of the gore and all of the adultery.

very good. The reader did a great job.

(5 stars)

Nice, family-friendly foray into Arthurian legend

(4 stars)

My 6- and 9-year old sons enjoyed this book as an early introduction to the stories of Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. As other reviewers have noted, the more adult themes are glossed over or omitted (i.e. no adultery and minimal descriptions of death and gore) while highlighting the gallantry, brave deeds, piety, and courage of the major characters of each chapter. The reader herself does a pretty fair job of the reading through out, and my boys were rapt listeners of most of the chapters. I myself found that in listening to more than a chapter or two in a sitting, I sometimes tuned it out as a pleasant drone. But overall, recommended as a pleasant listen.


(5 stars)

very very good I love


(2 stars)

One star, with an additional star to the narrator for her excellent reading and for putting me to sleep. I don't think I'll be pursuing any more legends about King Arthur; I didn't enjoy this and found it dull.

I really enjoyed this story

(5 stars)

For some reason it captivated me though I well knew the tale. There was an innocent wisdom in the rendering


(5 stars)

Love the pacing of the reader it was a great book to say the least.