The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1665

Read by Nicole Lee

(4 stars; 10 reviews)

Pepys' diary continues with his trademark engaging frankness, as he jockeys for favour, criticises his colleagues on the Navy Board for their incompetence, resists the temptation to see plays, fights with his wife, sleeps with any pretty woman who will have him, tries to profit from his position while still being a good servant of the king, and all the while war with the Dutch and the terrible plague loom on the horizon. - Summary by Nicole Lee (9 hr 11 min)


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hey now

(4.5 stars)

Please consider that when complaining about lisps and the such, that all these recordings are provided completely for free by unpaid volunteers using their precious time to try to bring a little more happiness into our lives. Also, please consider the BOOK when rating something, if the BOOK is good then it deserves a higher star rating! Lastly, remember that people in real life have accents, lisps, peculiar intonation, etc... a "bad" reader is actually more useful to your understanding of the people with these accents lisps and intonation, when you're listening to them speak in real life. Thanks for your time :)

thank you nicole lee!

(5 stars)

great book, reader is easy and pleasant to listen to. i appreciate the time you took to share your reading. im flabbergasted by the gall of another recent review from ireland on feb 27. nastiness like that is uncalled for and should be disregarded. whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself.

A great book, thank you volunteer

(5 stars)

Ignore the rude review found below. I use calming journals like this to sleep and as treatment for ptsd. Thank you for volunteering, the world needs more people like you.


(5 stars)

Nicole Lee is one of my all time favorite narrators. I have been known to choose books because she is the reader. Her choice of books and her enunciation are indicators of education and breeding. Thank you Nicole. I am a big fan. As far as rudeness it is envy. Consider there are many Americans who still support Trump. There is no way to predict the kind of person you find if you turn over a rock.

Awful reader, with a LISP. WASTE OF 60 SECS!

(0.5 stars)

I lasted 60 secs, awful reader with a LISP. I'm fed up of Librivox using, useless quality narrators!! The readers can't enjoy the books and the reader's time, is also wasted. Even adjusting the volume here, did not improve the LISP. She literally SPITS into the phone's microphone. 27th of February 2022, from Ireland @2:18 am.