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This drama, set in Ancient Greece, was written by a Victorian lawyer who was a close friend of Charles Dickens. When collected into book format, “The Pickwick Papers” was dedicated to him. As a Member of Parliament, Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd introduced legislation protecting the copyrights of authors. This play was originally printed only to be read as poetry. However, it attracted the attention of William Macready, who mounted a successful production of it at Covent Garden in 1836. The drama became a much bigger hit a few years later, though, when it was revived with actress Ellen Terry taking over the part of the tragic hero, Ion. Charlotte Cushman and other leading ladies of the day took advantage of the craze for “breeches roles” and donned togas to play this doomed young Grecian noble.
(Summary by Kelly S. Taylor)

Cast List

Ion Kelly S. Taylor
Adrastus Tomas Peter
Medon Alan Mapstone
Ctesiphon ToddHW
Cassander Greg Giordano
Agenor Wayne Cooke
Cleon Will Forbis
Phocion Andrew Latheron

Timocles Phil Schempf
Crythes James R. Hedrick
First Soldier Jake Malizia
Second Soldier Jim Locke
Irus Joanna Michal Hoyt
Clemanthe Jenn Broda
Abra Wendy Katz Hiller
Stage Directions Larry Wilson
(2 hr 30 min)


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it's raycyst

(5 stars)

Too many white roles and white actors. Not enough explicit nonbinary sexual acts. Greece was a country of old white patriarchal slave owners. We need to erase Greco Roman cultural works from the internet