Love's Coming-of-Age: A Series of Papers on the Relations of the Sexes

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"The little god of Love is generally represented as a child; and rightly, perhaps, considering the erratic character of his ways among the human race. There are signs, however, of a new order in the relations of the Sexes; and the following papers are, among other things, an attempt to indicate the inner laws which, rather than the outer, may guide Love when—some day—he shall have come to his full estate." - Summary by Edward Carpenter (4 hr 2 min)


The Sex Passion 34:32 Read by Jake Malizia
Man, the Ungrown 14:05 Read by Jake Malizia
Woman: The Serf 25:01 Read by Verla Viera
Woman in Freedom 28:08 Read by Matea Bracic
Marriage: A Retrospect 25:08 Read by Arden
Marriage: A Forecast 31:33 Read by Arden
The Free Society 19:59 Read by Arden
Some Remarks on the Early Star and Sex Worships 13:13 Read by Kevin Waters
Notes: On the Primitive Group-Marriage 4:56 Read by Susan Russell
Notes: On Jealousy 4:14 Read by Ariellerush
Notes: On the Family 4:03 Read by Susan Russell
Notes: On Preventive Checks to Population 6:27 Read by Ryan Williams
Appendix 31:35 Read by docdlmartin