The Plan of Salvation

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Five Lectures Delivered at The Princeton Summer School of Theology, June, 1914. In these lectures, Warfield distinguishes between different conceptions of salvation: naturalistic vs. supernaturalistic, sacerdotal vs. evangelical, universalistic vs. particularistic which act as a kind of flow chart shwoing what is known in theology as 'the order of decrees'. On page 33 of the text (which is described in the reading), there is a table that places various branches of the Christian Church within this scheme. - Summary by InTheDesert (2 hr 58 min)


The Differing Conceptions 38:00 Read by InTheDesert
Autosoterism 36:22 Read by InTheDesert
Sacerdotalism 32:51 Read by InTheDesert
Universalism 35:06 Read by InTheDesert
Calvinism 35:53 Read by InTheDesert



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This is the seminal distinction for how man may (versus can) stand in the presence of his holy, holy, holy creator.