The Red Cross Girls with the Stars and Stripes

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The Red Cross Girls are back one last time! In this final book of the series, some of our girls prepare to join the American soldiers in France during World War I. But, one other girl does make a surprise return to Europe, to join in the vocation they love so much. (4 hr 40 min)


The Call 17:18 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Another Volunteer 15:32 Read by KevinS
Somewhere in France 19:25 Read by J & M Hannon Media
With the American Army in France 14:35 Read by KevinS
Introductions 9:02 Read by MaybeCordelia
Carrier Pigeons 12:41 Read by Sean Lester
The Days Before the Great Day 13:34 Read by KevinS
Loneliness 14:55 Read by KevinS
A Dispute 13:50 Read by Cindy Winsor
The Two Sides of a Shield 12:25 Read by Cindy Winsor
The Undertow 16:27 Read by Carol Sutton
The Casino 23:08 Read by Carol Sutton
A Closer Bond 12:11 Read by randomideas
Greater Love 11:40 Read by randomideas
An Amazing Suggestion 18:01 Read by KevinS
Meet for Repentance 13:02 Read by KevinS
An Explanation which did not Explain 16:39 Read by TR Love
The Command 7:19 Read by TR Love
A Part of the Ways 18:43 Read by TR Love