Dead Men Tell Tales

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(3.9 stars; 5 reviews)

"Dead men tell no tales" was a common adage before the days of forensic science. In this book, the well-known evangelist and scientist uses Egyptology and archaeology to counter the argument in the investigation of Bible lore.. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (8 hr 7 min)


Foreword 4:45 Read by Maria Agustina Von
The Premise Stated 25:37 Read by josephineking
The Tides of Culture 26:04 Read by roselbex
Converging Streams of Revelation and History 44:08 Read by roselbex
Modern Science and the Ten Plagues of Egypt 1:00:07 Read by roselbex
Sources 58:37 Read by roselbex
Fragments 40:59 Read by Owlivia
The Rebirth of an Empire 31:32 Read by Ryan Lohner
The Resurrection of Edom 38:46 Read by BrandonB
The Brazen Shields of Reheboam 36:50 Read by BrandonB
Mingled Voices Part 1 33:26 Read by KHand
Mingled Voices Part 2 27:55 Read by KHand
Vindication of Daniel 59:12 Read by MichelleKinge


Great book!

(4 stars)

A great collection of interesting evidence from archeology that shows the validity of the Bible. All the readers did a very good job. I recommend it.