Muse and Mint

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Born in Ontario, Canada, Walter Percy entered the ministry and pastored churches in New England and Pennsylvania, often speaking on behalf of the temperance movement. Many of his poems were written for his children and are here collected under the topics: nature, fireside, sentiment, memories, philosophy, homilies, country, humor. sacred, song poems, and miscellaneous poems. - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 29 min)


Muse and Mint 1:37 Read by Larry Wilson
Fireflies 2:05 Read by Ellies
Bo-Peep 1:06 Read by amazingspace48.TT
Peep-of-Dawn 1:31 Read by Ellies
The Rilly River 1:24 Read by Ellies
Cherries 1:45 Read by Ellies
A Snowflake 1:04 Read by Kerry Adams
The Blizzard 1:21 Read by Phil Schempf
Sugaring Off 1:10 Read by Kerry Adams
The Chrysalis 1:30 Read by Kerry Adams
When I Survey 5:07 Read by Daniel William Bader
Paupack 1:23 Read by Daniel William Bader
Mother 1:03 Read by Daniel William Bader
Chatterbox 1:50 Read by April6090
Little Stocking 1:14 Read by kaylawhy
Elfin Faces 1:50 Read by nighthawks
Sweet ’Steen 1:18 Read by nighthawks
Boy 1:30 Read by amazingspace48.TT
A Child’s Lifted Cross 1:52 Read by Kaye Burke
The Boy Millionaire 1:13 Read by LakshmiSudha
A Lullaby 1:49 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Last Song 1:32 Read by LakshmiSudha
Youth 0:41 Read by mleigh
Age 0:46 Read by mleigh
A Coronation 1:21 Read by Cade Elder
I’ll Be Watching on the Shore 1:36 Read by Kevin Bryden
I Give Thee My Promise 1:28 Read by Cade Elder
Chambered Roses 1:32 Read by amazingspace48.TT
Two Frames 1:25 Read by Kevin Bryden
Pars Summae 1:23 Read by Kerry Adams
A Vision 1:49 Read by Kevin Bryden
The Aftermath 1:11 Read by Kevin Bryden
Proof-words 1:06 Read by amazingspace48.TT
Adieus 1:39 Read by Kerry Adams
Dust to Dust 1:11 Read by amazingspace48.TT
Little Words 1:29 Read by April6090
A Wayside Life 1:27 Read by CadenB
O Tear! 1:14 Read by CadenB
The Dew of Dust 1:09 Read by CadenB
A Smile 1:10 Read by CadenB
The Hill-tops 1:06 Read by ChristosPax
The Man Who Bears the Hod 1:35 Read by Alan Mapstone
Jog Along! 1:50 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Family Tree 1:49 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Replevin 1:04 Read by Bruce Kachuk
What is Truth? 1:39 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Friendship 1:36 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Thought 1:13 Read by Bruce Kachuk
When I’m No More 1:39 Read by Phil Schempf
The Blazed Trail 1:20 Read by April6090
Grief and Joy 1:18 Read by Kevin Bryden
Hope 1:09 Read by Phil Schempf
Sowing and Reaping 0:57 Read by Kerry Adams
Hope On! 1:07 Read by Larry Wilson
Hearted Good 1:14 Read by Larry Wilson
America 2:06 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Altar of Country 1:19 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Stars of Destiny 1:30 Read by Alan Mapstone
Last of the Grand Army 3:40 Read by Alan Mapstone
Vincit Omnia Jus 2:09 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Flying Jack 2:46 Read by Alan Mapstone
Sap’s A-bilin’ 1:18 Read by Phil Schempf
Just Mud 1:27 Read by Kerry Adams
Knockin’ Round 1:09 Read by April6090
The Snail and Star 1:44 Read by kaylawhy
The Old Sor’l Hoss 1:13 Read by Larry Wilson
Nicodemus Boggs 2:35 Read by Alan Mapstone
What is Faith? 2:14 Read by TheIntern356
A Forgiveness 2:46 Read by TheIntern356
The Good Samaritan 1:55 Read by TheIntern356
Shepherd of Israel 1:41 Read by mleigh
The Ladder of Cloud 2:22 Read by Kerry Adams
The Risen Christ Means Victory 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
The Everlasting Arms 1:10 Read by Phil Schempf
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep 1:37 Read by Kaye Burke
The Glory Dwells 1:14 Read by Kerry Adams
The Light of Life 1:00 Read by Phil Schempf
Design 1:48 Read by Kerry Adams
Golden Hope 1:38 Read by LakshmiSudha
The Coming Crowning 1:48 Read by Kerry Adams
The Living Cup 1:08 Read by kaylawhy
The Singers 1:53 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Crown of Thorns 1:23 Read by Larry Wilson
Song Along 1:23 Read by April6090
Ecce Homo! 1:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Love that Washed His Feet 1:29 Read by Larry Wilson
The Shut and Open Hand 2:10 Read by nighthawks
The Man-bird 2:04 Read by Larry Wilson
The Phantom Cavalry 3:50 Read by Alan Mapstone
Thou Callest Me Brother 2:05 Read by nhcooper
The Singing Death 2:50 Read by Phil Schempf
The Old Moon in the Arms of the New 1:24 Read by Larry Wilson