Short Poetry Collection 223

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a collection of 38 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for December 2021. (1 hr 19 min)


Believe and Take Heart 1:36 Read by Larry Wilson
The Birth of King Arthur 4:27 Read by Amanda Chandler
Bo-Peep 1:20 Read by Bvince
Candlemas 1:27 Read by Amanda Chandler
Christmas Carol 1:26 Read by Ike Sherr
Christmas Folksong 1:16 Read by mleigh
A Christmas Ghost-Story 0:52 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
A Christmas Hymn 2:52 Read by Ike Sherr
Colors 1:20 Read by Bruce Kachuk
A Cure for Love 2:17 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Epicure 2:13 Read by Craig Campbell
XIII. Exclusion 0:43 Read by Miyuu
Fiddler Jones 1:57 Read by Tom Merritt
The Frost 2:10 Read by Ike Sherr
LXVII. God lay dead in heaven 0:52 Read by Piotr Nater
Good-Bye, And Keep Cold 1:33 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Jabberwocky 1:35 Read by Stephanie Wilson
January 1:20 Read by Amanda Chandler
Looking at the Moon After Rain 1:13 Read by Winston Tharp
A Minor Poet 1:23 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Moonlight 1:52 Read by Newgatenovelist
A Mountain Idyl, Part 1 2:24 Read by Phil Schempf
A Mountain Idyl, Part 2 3:10 Read by Phil Schempf
A Mountain Idyl, Part 3 4:29 Read by Phil Schempf
The Owl-Critic 4:15 Read by Tom Merritt
Rachael 1:02 Read by Jennifer Escalante
Remembrance 2:12 Read by Larry Wilson
The River Village 1:17 Read by Winston Tharp
The Shepherds Had an Angel 1:53 Read by mleigh
Silence 1:12 Read by Winston Tharp
The Sky Is Low 0:31 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Song of the Sannyasin 5:28 Read by dc
Song of a Shepherd Boy at Bethlehem 2:03 Read by mleigh
To a Child Falling Asleep 3:25 Read by Joanna Schreck
Verse 48 from Gitanjali 2:16 Read by dc
When the Sunbeams of Joy 2:21 Read by Newgatenovelist
Winged Man 4:07 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Yuletide 1:24 Read by Larry Wilson


Can't wait for 224

(5 stars)

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