The Incredulity of Father Brown

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(4.6 stars; 36 reviews)

Originality and humor characterize the plots of these clever detective stories. The mysteries are solved by the detective priest, Father Brown. His application of shrewd, common sense to the unraveling of a succession of strange crimes and happenings rob them of the supernatural element attributed to them by the credulous. This is the third collection of similar stories. (Summary from "The Booklist") (7 hr 4 min)


The Resurrection of Father Brown 47:28 Read by James R. Hedrick
The Arrow of Heaven 1:04:39 Read by Kurt
The Oracle of the Dog 54:00 Read by jenno
The Miracle of Moon Crescent 56:06 Read by Jack Hill
The Curse of the Golden Cross 1:04:43 Read by Owlivia
The Dagger With Wings 48:55 Read by Howard Skyman
The Doom of the Darnaways 49:03 Read by Mozartjr
The Ghost of Gideon Wise 39:45 Read by Krista Zaleski


G.K. Chesterton

(5 stars)

Inspired Agatha Christie & TV, too.

Interesting, but I like the PBS series better

(4 stars)

The stories are good but the portrayal of Father Brown is not very flattering.


(5 stars)

Written from a perspective of implied heteronormativity that assumes a phalogocentric western chauvinistic world view that marginalizes nonbinary BIPOCs. The author uses proper English language. "English, and it's proper use" are tools with which males, and especially white males, use to create hegemonic controll over BIPOCs. But if you are cool being a NAZI, you might enjoy these stories. They are well written and well read. They reflect a more innocent time before we all realized just how Raycyst we all are.


(5 stars)

Agree completely with my esteemed doctor friend! This book is most clearly RAYCYST and should be burned and then sunk into a well but at the same time. It contains strong language against Transgendered LatinX Americans, and is therefore very outdated. Zero stars.