Hurlbut's Story of the Bible Part 4

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Some years ago, the editor of an English magazine sent a communication to "the hundred greatest men in Great Britain" asking them this question: "If for any reason you were to spend a year absolutely alone, in a prison for instance, and could select from your library three volumes to be taken with you as companions in your period of retirement please to inform us what those three books would be." The inquiry was sent to peers of the realm, prominent leaders in politics, judges, authors, manufacturers, merchants, gentlemen of leisure—men who would represent every aspect of successful life. In the answers it was found that ninety-eight of the hundred men named "The Bible" first on the list of the three books to be chosen. (From Book introduction) (2 hr 4 min)


The Breaking Up of a Great Kingdom 5:45 Read by Esther
The King Who Led Israel to Sin 9:01 Read by Laura Caldwell
The Prophet Who Raised a Boy to Life 7:27 Read by Sibella Denton
The Prayer That Was Answered in Fire 8:34 Read by Laura Caldwell
The Voice That Spoke to Elijah in the Mount 9:00 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Wounded Prophet and His Story 3:42 Read by Sibella Denton
What Ahab Paid for His Vineyard 5:04 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Arrow That Killed a King 6:38 Read by Esther
Elijah's Chariot of Fire 5:42 Read by Sean McGaughey
A Spring Sweetened by Salt 5:43 Read by Sibella Denton
The Pot of Oil and the Pot of Poison 6:29 Read by Ezwa
The Little Boy at Shunem 5:57 Read by Ezwa
How a Little Girl Helped to Cure a Leper 10:03 Read by Ezwa
The Chariots of Fire around Elisha 4:15 Read by Esther
What the Lepers Found in the Camp 5:10 Read by Sibella Denton
Jehu, the Furious Driver of His Chariot 10:51 Read by soapturtle
Elisha and the Bow; Jonah and Nineveh 10:13 Read by soapturtle
How the Ten Tribes Were Lost 4:52 Read by Esther


(5 stars)

In my old age, not reading a lot, I’m refreshed in what I knew so well!

Hurlbutts story of the bible

(5 stars)

awesomeness bible stories for kids!