The Conflict

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Multilingual Monthly Poetry Project is a project oriented to gather multiple translations and multiple contributions of one chosen poem for the current month. Welcome to the world of interpretations!

Poem of January, 2022 - The Conflict, by Friedrich Schiller. Language of origin: German, "Der Kampf".

The poet suffers sorely from the love of another man’s wife: the conflict of passion and duty gnaws his heart. At last, he decides to leave. But could his feelings be mutual? (Summary by Anastasiia Solokha) (0 hr 27 min)


German - Der Kampf 2:08 Read by lorda
English - The Conflict 2:10 Read by Alan Mapstone
French - Le Combat 1:42 Read by Isad
French - Le Combat 1:40 Read by Isad
Italian - La lotta 2:57 Read by HandmadePSK
Polish - Walka 1:35 Read by Piotr Nater
Russian - Борьба 3:00 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Russian - Борьба 1:37 Read by sacapsie
Russian - Борьба 2:07 Read by Hanna Ponomarenko
Spanish - El combate 1:24 Read by Epachuko
Ukrainian - Боротьба 2:36 Read by HandmadePSK
Ukrainian - Боротьба 2:46 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Ukrainian - Боротьба 2:15 Read by Hanna Ponomarenko