Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail

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Buffalo Bill Cody is one of the most colorful figures of the early American West. In these adventures we find Billy Cody at age 13 earning a man’s wage as an extra on a wagon train when he meets Davy, two years younger. Together they are in one adventure after another, fighting with Indians, and pressing on to Pike's Peak. They both prove themselves courageous in the face of danger as they ride side-by-side and grow into manhood. - Summary by Larry Wilson (8 hr 17 min)


Forward and Chronology 9:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Tall Bull Signals: “Enemies!” 20:03 Read by Mindle Hastings
The Hero of the Mule Fort 19:38 Read by Maggie Casper
With the Wagon Train 20:53 Read by Mindle Hastings
Carrying the Great News 19:58 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Davy Goes on Herd 18:13 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Davy Has an Adventure 28:23 Read by Charm1973
Davy Changes Jobs 20:14 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Gold Fever 19:18 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Hee-Haw Express 19:41 Read by Carol Sutton
“Pike’s Peak or Bust” 21:50 Read by Sophia H.
Some Halts by the Way 22:03 Read by gonzo193
Perils for the Hee-Haws 21:22 Read by Allyson
The Cherry Creek Diggin’s 21:45 Read by MickeyMac
Davy Signs as “Extra” 24:16 Read by BookBard
Freighting Across the Plains 16:14 Read by Allyson
Yank Raises Trouble 21:32 Read by tjfria
Davy “The Bull Whacker” 18:41 Read by CBinns
Billy Cody Turns Up Again 14:13 Read by K A Moulton
Davy Makes Another Change 14:35 Read by BriAlexis
Fast Time to California 17:02 Read by arnulfocasco
“Pony Express Bill” 17:40 Read by MickeyMac
Carrying the Great News 20:45 Read by Vincent Yau
A Brush on the Overland Stage 28:37 Read by Carol Sutton
Buffalo Bill Is Champion 20:48 Read by Donald Cummings