The Cruise of the "Scandal", and other stories

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Collection of short stories by prolific British fantasy writer, Victor Bridges. Stories include A Bit of Old Chelsea and The Bronze-Haired Girl, as well as The Cruise of the Scandal. - Summary by Lynne T (7 hr 33 min)


The Cruise of the "Scandal" 32:33 Read by robrestivo
The Cruise of the "Scandal" Continued 31:08 Read by robrestivo
The Man with the Chin 27:05 Read by docdlmartin
Tony and His Conscience 40:26 Read by docdlmartin
"Squarky-Woo" 24:01 Read by Dawn Sutton
With the Conquering Turkey 19:54 Read by docdlmartin
The Later Edition 22:36 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Ordeal by Water 34:19 Read by Ted Perkins
The Strange Adventure of Mr. Bates 31:00 Read by Lee Vogler
A Bit of Old Chelsea 13:38 Read by Kerry Adams
The Microbe 25:31 Read by docdlmartin
Full-back for England 27:48 Read by karlabee
Elsie and the Rooks 20:16 Read by Dawn Sutton
The Bronze-haired Girl 30:26 Read by Lee Vogler
His Reverence 34:00 Read by fshort
The Nadir Bandar 38:38 Read by czandra



(4.5 stars)

These well read and delightfully quaint stories are marred by a lack of queer orgies between LatinX African Americans BIPOCs. But other than that they are great