The Peregrine Falcon at the Eyrie

Read by Rapunzelina

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Bird-watching - and photographing - of a particular eyrie during the span of 3 years, where we see the female falcon hunting for food, while the tiercel - the male falcon - stays behind to feed and brood the chicks. A falcon chick is also known as eyas, hence the name eyrie for their nest. The name tiercel comes from the Latin for "third", either because of the belief that one in three eggs hatches a male bird, or from the fact that the male falcon is one third smaller than the female. - Summary by Rapunzelina (1 hr 55 min)


Introduction 15:02 Read by Rapunzelina
Life in the Eyrie 22:43 Read by Rapunzelina
Life in the Observation Shed 20:03 Read by Rapunzelina
Famine in the Eyrie 28:35 Read by Rapunzelina
Last Days in the Eyrie 9:10 Read by Rapunzelina
General Remarks on the Peregrine 12:08 Read by Rapunzelina
Photographic Details 8:16 Read by Rapunzelina


I learned so much!

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The author of her field report is precise! I can visualize the observation structure in detail. this writer speaks to readers with full knowledge that [I] have never, as she had never, seen a p. hawk. In understanding the bodies and builds of each hawk in this little family, I feel like I can pass on a quite complete knowledge of this vocabulary is truly expanded. Turse the male and exclusive caretaker of the brood and nest. he never hunts. female is called falcon. does nothing but hunts and carries prey to the male, who then rips up and divides the meat evenly among the babies. Read and enjoy this woman's experience along with her. I feel like I have been in the structure beside her, fumbling for a position to catch her subjects at just the right second and give to us the first photos ever of this species. she brings home the ways that extinction occurs. poachers take the eggs for wealthy people to collect. ornithologists MARK UP eggs, so the poacher will leave it in the nest. It's beautifly wri