A Cup of Sweets, that Can Never Cloy: Or, Delightful Tales for Good Children

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Twenty-two moral stories for children. A collection of short stories about good little boys & girls and the rewards that come from good behavior, and naughty children who suffer the consequences of their actions.

"Arabella fancied there could be no pleasure in the world equal to that of listening to conversations in which she had no concern, peeping into her mamma's drawers and boxes, and asking impertinent questions. If a parcel was brought to the house, she had no rest till she had found out what was in it; and if her papa rung the bell, she would never quit the room till the servant came up, that she might hear what he wanted." - from "Curiosity"
- Summary by Krista Zaleski (2 hr 58 min)


Curiosity 7:31 Read by IanGibblet
The Unsettled Boy 7:03 Read by IanGibblet
Cecilia and Fanny 7:42 Read by IanGibblet
Henry 5:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Maria; or, the Little Slattern 10:45 Read by Dawn Sutton
Frederick's Holidays 8:18 Read by Henry K. Noble
The Little Quarrellers 7:25 Read by Henry K. Noble
The Vain Girl 9:01 Read by Henry K. Noble
The Young Gardeners 5:36 Read by Kate Offutt
The Whimsical Child 8:13 Read by littlemissclumsy
Edward and Charles 7:27 Read by Larry Wilson
The Truant 8:02 Read by Marie Christian
Jealousy 6:11 Read by littlemissclumsy
Edmond 8:19 Read by mleigh
The Ghost and the Dominos 8:50 Read by Allegra LittleCole
Fido 7:11 Read by mleigh
The Reward of Benevolence 9:37 Read by Carol Sutton
Jemima 8:07 Read by littlemissclumsy
The Trifler 6:38 Read by Kerry Adams
The Cousins 10:53 Read by littlemissclumsy
The Travellers 9:05 Read by Vincent Yau
The Strawberries 11:02 Read by Vincent Yau