A Rough Shaking

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(4.7 stars; 15 reviews)

Clare was a wanderer. Orphaned by an earthquake when too young to even remember his full name, his childhood was a succession of challenges and joys, friends and enemies. And animals were always among his best friends.

Through it all, Clare’s pure and loving heart was kept safe to bless and even lead those around him.

“He had had a rough shaking. The earthquake had come and gone… many times. But the shaking earth was his nurse, and she taught him to dwell in a world that cannot be shaken.” - Summary by HannahMary (11 hr 28 min)


How I Came to Know Clare Skymer 37:20 Read by Devorah Allen
With His Parents 7:22 Read by Hannah Mary
Without His Parents 32:03 Read by Dawn Sutton
The New Family 10:48 Read by Dawn Sutton
His new home 10:04 Read by Dawn Sutton
What Did Draw Out His First Smile 9:35 Read by KimberlyB
Clare and His Brothers 16:44 Read by IanGibblet
Clare and His Human Brothers 6:26 Read by IanGibblet
Clare the Defender 10:44 Read by IanGibblet
The Black Aunt 11:22 Read by IanGibblet
Clare on the Farm 8:19 Read by Alan Schulte
Clare Becomes a Guardian of the Poor 8:15 Read by Amelie Dawson
Clare the Vagabond 7:44 Read by Amelie Dawson
Their First Helper 7:06 Read by Amelie Dawson
Their First Host 4:44 Read by Amelie Dawson
On the Tramp 6:33 Read by Amelie Dawson
The Baker's Cart 13:53 Read by Amelie Dawson
Beating the Town 6:09 Read by aaronjwalker9
The Blacksmith and His Forge 9:11 Read by aaronjwalker9
Tommy Reconnoitres 8:27 Read by aaronjwalker9
Tommy is Found and Found Out 5:37 Read by aaronjwalker9
The Smith in a Rage 4:09 Read by aaronjwalker9
Treasure Trove 9:59 Read by aaronjwalker9
Justifiable Burglary 11:25 Read by MoonLylith
A New Quest 11:10 Read by MoonLylith
A New Entrance 6:30 Read by MoonLylith
The Baby Has Her Breakfast 6:23 Read by MoonLylith
Treachery 7:07 Read by Alan Schulte
The Baker 8:11 Read by Alan Schulte
The Draper 5:56 Read by MickeyMac
An Addition to the Family 5:48 Read by Kerry Adams
Shop and Baby 8:18 Read by Alan Schulte
A Bad Penny 10:09 Read by Alan Schulte
How Things Went for a Time 6:38 Read by Susheel C
Clare Disregards the Interests of his Employers 8:19 Read by Susheel C
The Policeman 7:25 Read by Susheel C
The Magistrate 12:29 Read by KimberlyB
The Workhouse 7:49 Read by KimberlyB
Away 7:00 Read by KimberlyB
Maly 6:30 Read by KimberlyB
The Caravans 8:42 Read by MickeyMac
Nimrod 20:27 Read by MickeyMac
Across Country 13:47 Read by Richard Vogel
A Third Mother 4:36 Read by Isabella Garcia
The Menagerie 13:08 Read by Richard Vogel
The Angel of the Wild Beasts 12:55 Read by Richard Vogel
Glum Gunn 8:43 Read by Richard Vogel
The Puma 18:59 Read by Richard Vogel
Glum Gunn's Revenge 7:40 Read by Richard Vogel
Clare Seeks Help 9:03 Read by Joann Seah
Clare a True Master 5:34 Read by April6090
Miss Tempest 21:30 Read by April6090
The Gardener 14:00 Read by April6090
The Kitchen 8:02 Read by April6090
The Wheel Rests for a Time 7:10 Read by Joann Seah
Strategy 15:02 Read by Keith Buhler
Ann Shotover 10:14 Read by juliaviolin
Child-Talk 14:00 Read by Dawn Sutton
Lovers' Walks 10:23 Read by LilyAnne
The Shoe-Black 6:00 Read by Justin Vistine
A Walk with Consequences 15:11 Read by JimScheel
The Cage of the Puma 17:31 Read by KimberlyB
The Dome of the Angels 6:33 Read by Geometrick
The Panther 6:22 Read by LilyAnne
At Home 18:24 Read by llamaart
The End of Clare Skymer's Boyhood 5:16 Read by Hannah Mary


(3.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this George MacDonald book though I felt it ended a little abruptly. I was left wondering about the little girl who loved Clare. Jane

I'd listen to this author again.

(4 stars)

A few readers were a bit harder to understand.

(5 stars)

second reading is even better than the first, this is such a wonderful book

(5 stars)

what a marvelous book, better words escape me