Birdie and His Fairy Friends

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This book contains 13 stories for little children, about a little boy named Birdie and his adventures out in nature with the fairies. The stories include "The Frost Fairies", made famous by a very similar short story entitled "The Frost King", penned by deaf/blind Helen Keller when she was a young girl. Helen's story was so similar to Margaret Canby's tale, that Keller was accused of plagerizing. Her teacher Anne Sullivan finally pieced together that a friend had read Margaret’s story to Helen years before, and she had internalized many details without remembering the story having been read to her. This episode helped reveal what Mrs. Canby described as Helen's "wonderfully active and retentive mind", and she was honored for her story to be so well remembered (and made so famous). (Summary by Michele Fry) (3 hr 50 min)


Dedication, Birdie's Introduction 6:18 Read by Michele Fry
I. The Rose Fairies 11:59 Read by Michele Fry
II. The Sunbeam Fairies 20:00 Read by TR Love
III. Part Second - "Little Crosspatch." 5:55 Read by TR Love
IV. Birdie's Garden 18:15 Read by Jo Beth McKee
V. The Dew Fairies 12:53 Read by Michele Fry
VI. The Fruit Fairies 28:50 Read by zsofiawallandt
VII. Birdie's Search for a Fairy 19:20 Read by Melinda Fogle
VIII. The Frost Fairies 15:59 Read by TR Love
IX. The Fountain Fairies 23:02 Read by Chelsea Cabico
X. Birdie's Birthday Party 19:27 Read by Dawn Sutton
XI. Part Second - "A Ride with Santa Claus" 8:33 Read by Ashley Strickland
XII. The Winter Fairies 17:57 Read by Cheree Buesing
XIII. The Christmas Fairies 21:36 Read by karlabee